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Labourer By Day, Tailor By Night, This Father Is In A Desperate Struggle To Save His 9-Month-Old

Yedukondalu’s life felt complete when he was told that he was blessed with a baby girl again. Watching little Sankeerthana resting peacefully in his arms would bring an instant smile on his face. He was determined to provide this bundle of joy a healthy and happy life. However, all his dreams of a happy future for his baby came crashing down when she was diagnosed with a severe heart disease. Now, he’s away from his family, struggling day and night by working two jobs to try and save his daughter's life. Unfortunately, it's not enough for her life-saving surgery. 

Sankeerthana’s parents were devastated when her health got worse just a few days after her birth

One would have never known that anything was wrong with Sankeerthana the moment she was born. Her mother Lalithamma, was the happiest to have been blessed with one more daughter. But her joy was shortlived when Sankeerthana started having black spots all over her body five days after her birth. Worried, her parents took her to a hospital nearby where she was diagnosed with a hole in her heart. Due to her condition, the pulmonary arteries that pump blood into other parts of the body are narrowed, making it difficult for her to breathe. Now, Sankeerthana can't eat or drink milk, and stays up all night crying uncontrollably, gasping for air.  

Every time I look at other babies smiling and playing, I wonder when our daughter will ever be able to do what other babies her age can. Why does my daughter have to go through this excruciating pain! One moment I see her smiling and clapping her hands when I try to make her laugh and the next moment I see her chest heaving rapidly. It's terrifying.” - Yedukondalu, father

Yedukondalu works as a labourer during the day and stitches clothes at night, desperately trying to afford the treatment

Yedukondalu is struggling hard to meet the expenses of the treatment. He's a construction worker and carries bricks and stones as a part of his job. Now, he also started working as a tailor at night to afford the treatment. No matter how tired and exhausted he gets, it is his determination to save Sankeerthana that keeps him going every day. Yedukondalu has no fixed income and earns Rs 200 per day when there is work. He saves every rupee he earns for his daughter's treatment. The only thing that can save Sankeerthana is an urgent surgery, but despite working two jobs, he can't afford the treatment.

How you can help

Yedukondalu is desperately struggling, doing multiple jobs to save her daughter who has a hole in her heart. She cries endlessly every night as she is unable to breathe and is languishing every day. Only an immediate surgery can help her recover from this fatal condition. But Yedukondalu is left with nothing and is in dire need of help to save his daughter.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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