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Her Husband Drinks And Gambles Away While She Begs Strangers To Save Her Newborn's Life

Just around 3 weeks ago, when Jyoti was overjoyed that her due date was fast approaching, she needed an urgent C-section to deliver a baby boy. At the time, they did not know what the complication was. Just that the baby's condition was deteriorating. The joy that faded has still not returned with Jyoti's son screaming in pain all day long. This 30-year-old mother is fighting to save him without any support from her alcoholic husband.

Jyoti is all alone in this struggle of hers

“My son is so fragile, I fear that I will hurt him if I even hold his arms. My heart breaks when I see him suffering so much. And I can't even do anything to save him,I am all alone in this fight," - Jyoti Bari  

Jyoti's baby was just 5 minutes old, when a doctor said there is no chance of saving him. His stomach was swollen because his intestines were blocked. He wasn't able to pass motion or urine till he had a surgery. He is still in so much pain. He cries all the time. He cannot even feed. He needs another operation or he won't survive.

This birth defect can become fatal again

The first surgery was a temporary fix. It just helped this baby boy survive. He was given medication for stool and 5 days ago, he had severe loose motions. Since then he has been incredibly weak. Breastmilk can help him gain weight faster, and recover from surgery. Unfortunately, he is unable to feed. Even if he is forced, Jyoti's son cannot even absorb any nutrients because of the birth defect. Fearing the worst, Jyoti hasn't been able to eat even a morsel of food - she doesn't have the energy to even stand up.

This little one has never seen his father

Any day could be his last if he does not continue on life-support. Jyoti is unable to pay for his NICU care or the next surgery. Her husband is not supportive. Even now, Jyoti is alone with the child at the hospital. Her sister-in-law brings food, and comforts her.  She is unable to depend on her husband even for emotional support.

Even during pregnancy, she worked to support her children

Jyoti’s husband, Rajendra works at a dairy for Rs. 8000. He drinks and gambles most of that money away. They have 3 daughters: Shilpa (11), Shreya (4) and Bhumi (2). In order to support them, Jyoti works as a dishwasher and makes Rs. 4000. She worked throughout her pregnancy. 

"I don't know why he does not even feel like seeing his own son. He would rather go drink and lose money than save every rupee possible for the hospital bills. So far, we have paid Rs. 4 lakhs. My sister-in-law gave me a loan of Rs. 1.4 lakhs.  As the bills as going up, she is thinking of selling her only piece of jewellery. I cannot let her do that. I don't know what else to do to save my son." - Jyoti

Jyoti asks for your help

Government hospitals are not an option for this baby who needs round-the-clock medical care right now. Even if they move him, his condition could get so critical that he would lose the fight before reaching another hospital. By July, he needs to recover at least a little so he can have corrective surgery. Jyoti stares down at him every now and then, as if asking him to forgive her. She knows there is not much she can do now. She is terrified of losing him.

Jyoti cannot depend on anyone else to save her baby. She is pleading everyone who passes by for help. Your support can relieve this little one of excruciating pain and give him a chance to live.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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