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Abandoned By Husband While Pregnant, Mother Now Struggles Alone to Save Newborn In NICU

“My 15-day-old baby boy is struggling for his life in the hospital and I can’t even be with him right now. The stitches from the delivery have not healed and I am too weak to travel. My husband had abandoned me soon after I got pregnant for the second time. My mother and my brother are looking after the baby while I pass every minute in the fear that I will get a call from them saying that my baby couldn’t make it.” - Arshiya, mother. 

Neither my husband nor my in-laws were there for me 

Arshiya’s family didn’t know that her husband, Sheikh Hafiz, was mentally ill when they got her married. Hafiz could never take care of Arshiya and their elder son - it was always her brother, Moinuddin and her mother who looked after them. 

Arshiya with her elder son

“But this was not even the worst. My husband left my elder son and me one fine day - I was pregnant for the second time then. My in-laws didn’t bother to take care of me and I had no choice but to stay with my mother and brother.” 

Arshiya's mother with the little baby

I had thought that I would lose my baby as well as my life on that fateful day

Arshiya was in the seventh month of her pregnancy, when one day at 4 am her labour pains started. She was bleeding profusely and Moinuddin rushed her to the hospital. The blood loss was huge and the family feared that the mother and the baby wouldn’t make it. However, the C-section saved their lives.


“My baby’s life is still in danger. He is on ventilator support and is unable to digest even a single drop of milk. Last night his condition became so serious that he vomited out blood. I am afraid that if we can’t afford his hospital stay, I will lose him. He needs to stay in the NICU for one more week.

My kids are the only reason for me to live now, please help me

Arshiya’s elder brother, Moinuddin, works as a driver for a family. He makes about Rs 15000 but since the last 15 days he hasn’t been able to go to work. He is shuttling between looking after the baby in the hospital and arranging for the money they need. He has borrowed from everyone he knows but till now, he hasn’t paid even half the bill amount.

 Arshiya with her elder brother, Moinuddin

“He is trying his best, I know that. But there is only so much he can do. We need about 6 more lakhs but without help, there is no way we can arrange for so much. My kids are my only reason to live now. Please help me.”

This poor mother is struggling alone to save her newborn baby boy. She is looking to you for support - a little help will go a long way. 

Supporting Document 

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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