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With Just Rs 1000 In Hand, This Poor Couple Will Lose Their Newborn To Severe Infection

"I have not held him even once in my arms. The only time I get to hold him is when I assist the nurse to change his diaper, it is all I could do to my baby. I had a hope that I can take my baby home soon but with just Rs 1000 in our hand, I fear we' won't be able to save him. I cannot imagine living with the scars of losing a baby just because we don't have money," - Ambe, mother.

This little warrior is barely visible with all the tubes fitted around him

The baby boy is just 24 days old, he was born in the 7th month of pregnancy. On that fateful day, Ambe suddenly started having pain and she was bleeding heavily. Her husband, Girish rushed her to a hospital in Mathura on his motorcycle. When they reached, the doctors said she needed to deliver the baby soon. Ambe's baby was very fragile, weighed only 1.3 kgs. He was struggling to breathe and was taken to the NICU and placed on ventilator support. Ambe saw her baby two days later, but his condition got critical due to lung infection and pneumonia. He was then taken to a hospital in Jaipur in an ambulance. Ambe had to stay back until she recovered fully from the stitches.

"I couldn't wait to see my baby. Now even when my baby is next to me, I feel helpless. I hold his tiny fingers, desperately wanting him to feel that I'm there for him. When nurses say that he has taken few more drops of milk than yesterday I feel happy. In just one day, I go through all the emotions, fear, anger and happiness. I feel incredibly hopeful sometimes, but the next moment I break down," - Ambe.

"I have asked everyone in Mathura for help, it is still not enough"

Girish works at a petrol bunk and earns Rs 6000. He now stays in the hospital. He sleeps on the chairs, sometimes on the floor. He had taken only one pair of clothes with him and he has been living in that till now. He has spent 1 lakh so far with the help of his relatives and friends in Mathura, he cannot afford anymore. Baby needs to stay in the NICU for next 20 days to recover fully and it would cost them 5 lakhs.

"I haven't left the hospital since the day he was born. I have asked help from everyone I know, now I do not know what more I can do. Doctors have told us that my baby has good chance of recovery, he has come so far with his will power to live but without help, we will lose him, please help us save our baby," - Girish

A small contribution can save this newborn's life

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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