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With 100% Damaged Liver, This Baby Girl Has Only A Few Weeks Left To Get An Urgent Transplant

Whenever Shahnaz gets overwhelmed with grief watching Baby Fathima Hannah crying continuously and struggling to eat even a morsel, her mind goes back to 2 months ago when her cute baby girl used to smile all the time. She loved getting tickled so much that it would send her into a giggling frenzy. She had even started walking using the rails of the staircase for support and was growing up to be ‘normal’. Rameez, Shahnaz and Baby Fathima were the perfect embodiment of a happy family until this sweet baby was diagnosed with a liver disease. Now, Fathima can neither walk nor crawl; she is too weak for either and is inching towards death. Her parents have less than a month to save her and are scrambling to arrange for funds before her condition worsens beyond repair.

Within days, recurrent pneumonia paved way for a deadlier diagnosis

One fateful day 2 months ago, Baby Fathima Hannah had woken up after her afternoon nap when she became completely breathless. She looked like she was choking on her own saliva and despite her mother’s attempts to hold her upright and take her to get some fresh air outside, she did not become alright.  She developed cold, cough and high fever within a few hours. On rushing her to the hospital, she was diagnosed with pneumonia and had to spend 15 days in a hospital in the family’s hometown of Mangalore. Her condition gradually improved, but the doctors were shocked to see that her skin had acquired a yellow tinge. The parents had to take her to many hospitals before she was diagnosed with decompensated chronic liver disease, a deadly condition where the liver is 100% damaged and cannot function at all.

“We kept asking each other and ourselves where we had gone wrong with Fathima. We had always taken such good care of her; with our modest means, we always made it a point to put her welfare above even our basic needs. I still cannot understand how a small baby’s liver can be damaged.”-Shahnaz, mother

Fathima Hannah is this couple’s only surviving child, they cannot afford to lose her too

Rameez and Shahnaz were still grieving the loss of their firstborn, a baby girl, who died from an undiagnosed disease, when another baby girl was born to them in November last year. Considering her God’s gift, they decided to give her two beautiful names: Fathima (Rameez’s mother’s name) and Hannah (meaning favor). But fate was cruel to them yet again when Fatima too got really sick. These parents have nightmares of losing her every day, and no amount of praying is helping them get over that fear.

“Over the past few days, she has become very irritable. Earlier, she used to like clutching soft toys in her hand after getting injections – this always made her forget the pain and feel better. But nothing is working now. She used to like looking out the window to watch children come to the hospital, but even that does not excite her anymore. She lies on my chest and cries. She does not even let her father hold her nowadays.”-Shahnaz, mother, with tears in his eyes.

Rameez is running out of both money and time to save his baby girl

Rameez works in a shop selling aquariums and used to earn just enough to feed his wife and child. But ever since Fathima’s health has been deteriorating, he has been irregular to work and forced to take pay cuts too. He had to spend a lot of money to take his daughter to Delhi from Mangalore, where she will undergo a transplant if he arranges the money on time. But he has already spent more than Rs 4 lakhs till now, using up all his savings and the money borrowed from relatives and friends. Now he finds himself in a position where affording the next meal is also uncertain. But Rameez is determined to save his only surviving baby.

How you can help

Baby Fathima Hannah’s liver is enlarged and completely damaged due to a severe liver disease. Her parents have less than a month to get her an urgent transplant or risk losing her like their firstborn. Baby Fathima is not only getting weaker every day, but she is also not meeting developmental milestones. She can grow up to be a normal baby with your help.

Your kind contribution can give this baby a new lease of life   

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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