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Mother Waited 6 Long Years To Have A Child And Now She May Lose Her To Liver Cancer

"She was born to us after 6 long years of wait. I was over the moon when I first held her in my arms. Just 2 weeks back, we celebrated 'Annaprasana' (first rice eating ceremony) it was exciting when she had the first bite of her food, we believe that the the first object picked up by the baby symbolizes the baby’s future. When she picked pen out of many other things, I felt so proud. I wished her best of health and success. Just 3 days after the ceremony, we came to know that she has liver cancer, my world came crashing down." - Martina, Mother.

"I thought it was just an infection but it turned out be cancer"

Baby Andrina is very active and she always has a smile in her face. She hit her milestones on time. Just 3 days after the ceremony, while Martina was giving her a bath, she found a large hard lump on Andrina's stomach. Martina thought it may be some infection. She took her to a local clinic in her home town Assam. After a series of tests it was found that she has liver cancer. She was asked to take her to a hospital in Bangalore.

"When doctors said that she has a cancer, I looked at her face with shock. She was holding on to me, smiling and playing with her toy. It was hard to believe that she has cancer but doctors warned me not to delay the treatment. By the time we reached Bangalore, her stomach swelled up and I was scared to even touch it." - Martina

She needs intense chemo and surgery to cure her cancer

Baby Andrina has completed one cycle of chemo and she needs multiple cycles and a surgery. She has to continue chemo for a few months post the surgery also. She cries whenever she is given injections but otherwise, she is curious, happy and excited to explore the world around her.

"I tremble when I think of what cancer can do to my baby. By God's grace we found it at the very early stage, doctors said she can be cured with the treatment. I wish she recovers before it turns worse and take over her body completely. Her smile is our only hope and strength we have." - Martina.

"We have no income, without help I cannot continue the treatment"

3 years back Martina had abnormal uterine bleeding and she had to take treatment. Her husband Lalmohan quit his job to take care of her. She was on complete bed rest for months. Later, they both started a small beauty parlour in their town and they were earning around Rs 12000 per month. Now they have rented a small room in Bangalore and their relatives are helping them to manage the expense. He needs 8.5 lakh for the treatment and he has no means to afford it.

"I managed so far with help of our relatives but they are also middle class family and cannot help us for a long time. I don't know what I can do in this strange city, I feel completely lost. Andrina is our world, please help us save our daughter." - Lalmohan.
6-month-old Andrina, a cheerful baby will lose her life to dreadful cancer without your help

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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