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This Doctor Struggles To Save His Newborn Twins Despite His Best Efforts, Needs Your Help

“I’m a doctor, but I can’t save my own babies. I feel so helpless watching them in the NICU, struggling to even breathe and feed. Just this morning, a baby that I was treating was discharged. As a doctor I was happy, but as a parent, I wondered if I will ever take my babies home. When I ask people for help, they say that I’m a doctor and should be able to afford the money. But the truth is even my income isn’t enough to afford the bills, ” – Dr. Raj Kamal, father

Raj spends the first half of his day saving others’ lives, and the rest of the time struggling to find a way to save his 25-day-old twins who are fighting for their lives in the NICU.

25 days in the NICU, and the twins’ fight for life still continues

Whether it was a Diwali puja at home or a visit to the temple, all Rukmini ever prayed for was to have a child. Her prayers were answered – Rukmini and Raj were expecting twins. Unfortunately, in the 6th month of her pregnancy in March, she experienced severe labour pains.

“All I asked my husband was to save our children. Nothing mattered more than that, not even my own life.” – Rukmini, mother

Raj and Rukmini’s twins were born extremely premature and underweight. Their baby girl was 700gm and their baby boy was 650 gm at birth. Both couldn’t breathe on their own and were immediately rushed to the NICU. Their baby girl is now slowly gaining weight and she is off ventilator support. However, their baby boy is still on ventilator support and IV fluids. They both need to stay in the NICU for at least 12 more weeks to survive.

Despite being a doctor, there’s nothing more Raj can do to save his babies

Raj is a doctor at Sanjay Gandhi Hospital, Delhi. He has spent over 5 lakhs till now, and with this, all his savings are now over.

“Their first day’s bill came up to 1 lakh, and with every passing day, it’s only piling up. The only thing I can do for them is to make sure that I continue their treatment, but even that seems impossible now.  Their hospital stay would cost around 12 lakhs, without help I won't be able to arrange for the amount, ” - Dr. Raj

Raj and Rukmini need your help to save their twin babies and take them home, healthy. You are their only hope left.

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