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I Lost My Husband 6 Months Ago, Without Help I'll Lose My Baby To Heart Failure In A Week

When my husband died six months ago, just after Bakrid, it felt as if Allah took away a part of me. I was left with two small children, Azmat and Inaya. Azmat is now 1-year-old and despite  having a heart surgery in April last year, his condition isn’t getting any better. He needs another surgery in a week’s time but I am in no condition to afford that. My old and ailing parents are doing everything they can to support us but there is only so much they can do. Without your help, I will lose my little Azmat.

The baby turns blue if he cries for too long

The doctors have told me that I cannot let Azmat cry even for few minutes at a stretch. His heart’s condition is so weak that he will turn blue if he cries for long. I have to look out for him every minute of the day. Often, I can't take care of Inaya -but she is so understanding. She helps me in her own little way, looking after her baby brother. But despite all our efforts, we haven’t been able to protect him from infections. It feels as if fever and cough have become a routine thing for my baby.

Baby Azmat was born with congenital heart disease - his heart is unable to circulate the oxygen-carrying blood to his entire body and hence he turns blue. His only cure is a closed heart surgery. 

I can’t save my son’s life - I feel I am a burden on my old parents

My husband used to take English tuition in Mumbai. He didn’t make a lot but we were a happy family. But with his sudden death, I am now at a loss. For the past seven months, I am staying with my parents in Agra. Twice a month, we have to take Azmat to Delhi, he needs medicines too.  I don’t have any savings from which I can pay for these expenses. My kids love their nana-nani  (grandpa - grandma) but seeing my parents worry for me even at this old age - I feel guilty. 

I need around 2 lakhs for Azmat’s surgery - please help me

The surgery that Azmat needs in the coming week is the only way he can lead a healthy life. The doctors have warned us that any further delay in the surgery can turn out to be fatal. I have already lost my husband - I don’t want to lose my baby boy. With your help, I can save him.

You can extend your helping hand to Sadaf, a helpless mother,  to save her 1-year-old from a failing heart.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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