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Only 24 Hours Left To Save This B.Sc Graduate From Losing His Life To Liver Disease

“My father told me that we should not dream big. I still did. I wanted to be a VFX artist. I wanted to earn more money, take care of my parents, my sister. I wanted to move out of this village and live in a big city. My parents did everything to help. Now, I understand why my father warned me. I may not live long enough to pursue my dreams. All that will be left is a debt so huge that they’d probably kill themselves trying to repay.” – Avinash

Avinash is a 21-year-old from the village of Katepalli in Nellore. He graduated B.Sc at a local college. His parents took Rs. 2.5 lakhs loan to help him study VFX. 6 months into the course, Avinash had to drop out because his liver was failing. Today, he is in critical condition. He needs a liver transplant in 24 hours to survive.

Liver disease was not his fault, nor is his will to survive

“Avinash is worried he may not live tomorrow. He is worried he will leave us to face lot of loans. He blames himself for not taking a job after college. He thinks the money could have helped with the treatment. My son was an optimist, happy, and a dreamer. Today, he says he will give up everything to just survive and take care of us. He apologizes to us for being sick! It hurts to see that he is not the same boy I knew just three months ago.” – Gopal (father)

Avinash has Wilson’s disease. His body cannot eliminate copper and hence it deposits in all the organs. It has damaged his liver extensively. His bilirubin levels are so high that he will split into a coma if they don’t hurry the transplant. The whole family is willing to donate, but with Rs. 30000 income in a year, Gopal is unable to afford this surgery.

Avinash has 24 hours to get this transplant

“He cries because he is not able to even stand by himself. It embarrasses him to have to hold us to sit up. He sometimes feels so much pain that he asks if he can lie on my lap one last time. He has stopped eating.” – Sujatha (mother)
Avinash is shockingly yellow all over the body. He was thin, to begin with, and now he is just bones. He can only be on a liquid diet. Often, he has nosebleeds. Each new symptom means he is one step towards slipping into a coma and losing his life.

He wants to live but he knows it means suffering for his family

“They were expecting me to study well. After all, they put everything they had into me. My sister is studying engineering on scholarship. My parents chose to spend on me. When I started missing classes, I could feel their pain. They want to do everything to save me.” - Avinash
The transplant costs Rs. 25 lakhs. Avinash wants to live, not for himself but to help his family get out of financial trouble. His dream has not changed. He wants to care for his parents and sister. Trying to arrange for the money in such a short time would mean that Gopal would be paying only the interest until he dies. The next generation inherits the loan and their grief will never end.

Your support can save this family from signing a life sentence, and Avinash from certain death.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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