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Ashwini's 2-year-old has not seen him in months and is slowly learning to live without his parents

Ashwinikumar Pandey is 34-years-old who worked in L&T Infotech. The sole earning member in his family, he takes care of his parents, wife and 2-year-old son Avyut. On March 3, he met with an accident while going home from work. He has been battling for his life the last three months. His wife Veena is in the hospital with him and their son Avyut is learning to slowly live without both his parents.

Before the accident, Ashwini (sitting closest to the camera) led an active life and enjoyed going out with friends

A Friday that started off like any other

Ashwini and Veena lived in Pune with Avyut. The day of the accident, they were going to finalise Avyut's playschool. Ashwini even called Veena to tell her he was leaving office at 9 pm. Hours went by and Veena was starting to get worried. Ashwini wasn't picking his phone. Finally at 12.50 in the night, Veena got a call from an unknown number.

Her worst fears were realised when it was a stranger on the phone telling her Ashwini had met with an accident. He was admitted in the hospital and she needed to come and take care of him. Veena left Avyut at the neighbour's house. She also asked one of them to come with her because she really needed some support.

Ashwini in the office

Even now, Veena doesn't exactly know what happened at the accident. Ashwini was on his two-wheeler, had an accident and was rushed to the hospital. At the hospital, she was told Ashwini needed an immediate brain surgery and his damaged spleen needed to be removed. She had to make arrangements and give permission for the procedure.  

It has been three months since Ashwini has been conscious

Ashwini's condition is now stable and he has been declared 'out of danger'.  However, since then, he has been battling fever and infections- as his immunity is very low. The doctors cannot say when he will wake up. He looks fine from the outside, but has suffered internal injuries.

"We have spent over 30 lakhs on his treatment and used up all sources of funds. I may have to move him out because we can't afford it. Avyut looks at his father's photo and identifies him. He asks me when 'Papa' will come back and I can't bear to say anything to that," says Veena.

Ashwini is fighting for his life at the hospital

With Veena and Ashwini both at the hospital all the time, Avyut has learnt to be by himself. At first he used asked for his father and then for his mother. Despite being only two, he has started to see that everyone at home is really sad and they don't have time to play with him. Veena meanwhile is waiting for the day Ashwini wakes up again.  

"Doctors have said it's a wait-and-watch situation. There have been times when I just want to give up and cry. But then I look at him- fighting so hard, and I find my strength"
Veena is a housewife. Her parents and in-laws have come over to help with caring for Avyut. Veena spends her days in the hospital taking care of her husband, and at night her in-laws take over

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Ashwini is the pillar that holds his family together. His accident has severely affected his family and they are lost without him. Your contribution will not only save Ashwini but give life back to his entire family.

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