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Cancer Survivor Mother is Now Fighting to Save her Son from a Severe Heart Disease

Just when 22-year-old-Arul, was all set to get a job and finally share his parent's burden, he was diagnosed with a terrible heart condition. Arul's heart is fragile and can fail at the slightest exertion. He needs to do a heart surgery at the earliest to treat his condition and his ailing parents are in no condition to save him. 

He is the breadwinner of his family but he is unable to work now

He had to undergo a heart surgery at the earliest to survive

2-months-back, Arul had severe chest and knee pain, his BP level shot up and he was rushed to the hospital immediately. The doctors confirmed that he had a severe heart condition and he was asked to do a heart surgery at the earliest to avoid further complications. They were strictly warned that any delay might cost his life.

The diagnosis shattered Arul. He had terrible chest and back pain for many years but hadn't taken it seriously. Arul had never had the time to stop and think about himself. He had to support his family soon after completing school. He was determined to work hard and make it possible for his parents to have a better life.

His mother is asking everyone for money to help him with the treatment

His mother had breast cancer and father is diabetic

A few years ago, Arul's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and she underwent chemotherapy. She needed a surgery and intensive treatment to recover. Now, she is on medication to avoid relapse. Back then, Arul’s father was the only breadwinner for the family. As a daily wage worker, he worked hard to earn enough to eat. His father is now a diabetic patient and he is unable to work.

“I should have been working now and helping my parents but now it is the other way round. My father has started working again despite his health condition to save my life. My mother is asking everyone around us for money for my treatment. I can’t bear to see them suffering”, says Arul

He needs to undergo surgery at the earliest and any dealy may cost his life

He has now no source of income

Arul ‘s health condition is deteriorating day by day. His mother feels guilty for not paying attention to his health. He used to buy medicines from local medical shops for pain in his chest. No one thought his health would deteriorate this fast. With whatever little money he could spare, he bought his mother ayurvedic medicines against cancer. Now, he is not able to work and feels torn to see his parents struggle again.

“I don’t know understand how fate can be so cruel to us, we have not done any harm to anyone. But there is still hope. I never thought I would survive cancer but I did. I am sure my son will also overcome his condition,” says his mother Mary

Family has no source of income now and they cannot afford the treatment

How you can help

Arul’s family has no source of income. In their own way, they are each fighting to live for each other. Arul is a young man determined to fight all odds and support his family at any cost. He needs a little help before he is able to do that. He needs a heart surgery at the earliest to survive and the treatment costs Rs 3 lakhs. Your contributions can save his life.

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