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Disabled Father Struggles To Save 6-Month-Old From Heart Failure

“I was preparing for a physical test in the Indian Army when I fell off the roof, fracturing my leg. I was rushed to the hospital but my leg developed gangrene (a deadly flesh eating infection) and they had to amputate it or I would have lost my life. My dreams of joining the army were crushed and I started suffering from depression. But everything changed when my son was born – I began living for him. But now he has a severe heart disease, but as a disabled, unemployed man I don’t have the means to save him,”-Jitender, father.

Jitender and Sapna’s 6-month-old baby boy, Anoop, has a heart disease that causes low levels of oxygen in the body. He needs an urgent surgery to correct this, but his parents have absolutely no way to save him and are asking for your help.

‘He turns blue every time he tries to roll over or crawl’

Baby Anoop was born seemingly healthy and was the reason Jitender had begun to smile after long. He had started loving life again after the birth of his beautiful baby boy and was looking forward to bring him up in the best way possible, despite his financial shortcomings. But he got worried when the baby started turning blue whenever he tried to do anything normal like rolling over or crawling. A trip to the doctor then confirmed his diagnosis.  

“Sometimes the oxygen level in his body is so low that his whole body turns blue. He has to be rushed to the hospital then, where he would be given an oxygen mask to breathe. This has become a daily occurrence now. My baby is not growing well too. I am scared something bad might happen to him anytime,”-Jitender.

‘My aged father is the sole breadwinner of our family, he cannot help us'

Ever since Jitender’s terrible accident, he has not been able to do any kind of work. He tried finding some work-from-home options but companies rejected him the moment they were told about his disability. So Jitender, his wife Sapna, his mother and younger brother are all dependent on his father Vineet Kumar who works in a private company. The family lives in a rented house and Vineet’s salary is barely enough to meet the household expenses itself. In this situation, they cannot afford the money for their baby’s surgery.

“My father is old and weak, but he’s going to work just to feed and clothe us. He does not have any savings – whatever he had was spent on my treatment. I want to save my son at any cost, please help me,”-Jitender.

With your kind contribution, this disabled father can save his son and raise him to be healthy and happy

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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