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This Teacher, Neck Deep In Debt Can't Afford To Save His 10-Year-Old From Deadly Cancer

“Anjana has become very weak and can’t even walk without our help. She has severe pain all over her body and hardly eats anything. Doctors said that cancer is spreading rapidly and only prolonged chemotherapy can save Anjana’s life. It is painful to see her being reduced to a skeleton in front of our eyes but we are under huge debts and we don't know how we can arrange for the funds to continue her treatment. She is almost close to death but I'm helpless.” - Suvarna, mother of 10-year-old Anjana. 

The parents had no idea that their little daughter will be diagnosed with something so serious

A lively kid by nature, Anjana loved going to school. She had a number of friends and not once did she think of missing a day of school. Unfortunately for her, going to school has now become a thing of the past.Unlike other 10-year-olds, she is always tied to her bed, wincing in severe pain.  Anjana has been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia that affects the white blood cells. It occurs in the bone marrow and can quickly spread to the blood. 

Anjana, with her father, when the cancer hadn't ravaged her so much

“Anjana was always a healthy child, but two months ago she started eating less, and before we knew it, her weight had drastically reduced. In just a matter of weeks, she changed so much. We rushed her to the doctors who told us that she has cancer. We were thunderstruck to hear that our little Anjana has cancer.” - Kashiraya, father. 

Little Anjana is scared of injections but there is no other way that she can be cured of cancer without them 

Since she has been diagnosed with cancer, Anjana has been undergoing chemotherapy. But hardly has her health been any better. It is only through a continued chemotherapy that she will come out of this dreadful disease.
“Anjana is very scared of needles and injections. Everytime she is being given an injection, she hides her face in my saree and winces in pain. But she knows that this is the only thing that can cure her, so she doesn’t complain. As a mother, I feel very helpless and wish I could something that would ease her pain.” - Suvarna. 

Anjana’s parents are struggling to give her bright future but they don’t have the funds to continue her treatment

Kashiraya is a Mathematics teacher in a small school in Bijapur and earns just enough to provide for his family of five. Kashiraya has spent nearly 3 lakhs on her treatment so far and can’t afford the 8 lakhs needed to complete the course of her treatment.

“I haven’t gone to work since Anjana’s diagnosis. It’s only been one tests after another and I didn’t want her to go through any of this without me by her side. My friends have been kind enough to help me with her treatment so far, but now there’s no one left for me to turn to. I want to promise her a future, but every time I go to pay the bills for even a small test, I’m reminded of how close I am to having an empty pocket.” - Kashiraya. 

How you can help

10-year-old Anjana has blood cancer and only chemotherapy can save her from succumbing to this deadly disease. But the family is short of funds to carry on with the treatment. They have spent everything they had. Anjana's cancer can turn fatal any moment without urgent treatment. Your support can help Anjana go back to her normal life and enjoy with her family and friends.

Your help will save Anjana

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team. 

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