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Help This Police Officer Who Has Been Serving The Country For 20 Years Fight A Liver Condition

For 20 years, Anil More worked in the Special Armed Police Force of the State of Maharashtra. He is now admitted to the hospital, fighting a liver a condition. This Assistant sub-inspector of police and his family are struggling without support for pay for a liver transplant which will save Anil's life.
(the following story is written on behalf of Anil More's wife-Sobha More)

He loved his job like his family

My husband joined the police force in 1997. He worked for The State Reserve Police Force, Maharashtra. He gave his heart and soul to his job. We have two children- a 13year old daughter and an 11-year-old son.

Whenever my children used to complain that he is around at home. He used to say- "that is also my family".It so hard for us to see him struggle like this.

It was 2 years ago that he was diagnosed with jaundice. Since then it was a struggle to kep him alive

He continued his job despite being diagnosed with a liver problem

Despite getting admitted several times, he continued with his duty. Even in the days he was very weak and in pain, he has gone for duty. But now he cannot move and this is affecting him much.

Doctors treating him had informed him to undergo a liver transplant a few months back but at that time we couldn't even think of arranging a lakh rupees. My husband tolerated all the pain for us, to ensure my children goes to school.

 His greatest sorrow is he cannot be on duty, in  his uniform

Anil has been undergoing treatment since last 5 months. Doctors have recommended a liver transplant which is the only curative option at this moment for him. But unfortunately, no one in our family is found to be a match to donate a liver for him. The option now left, is to find an unrelated donor and perform a cadaveric transplant.

I haven't seen him in pain like this before. It's like he lost a part of his soul. He cannot fully come to terms that this illness might bring his service to a stop. Everyday morning, he says " It's time to wear my uniform and be on duty". Tears fill his eyes when he realises he cannot move.

The police department has extended help but we have exhausted that amount since the bills were increasing every day. We are in need of 21 lakhs for the transplant. We are nowhere close to arranging this. Whatever we manage to get are used to settle hospitalisation charges.

This is our last resort- to reach out to generous people for help. I am scared my husband will leave us. We cannot imagine a life without him. He needs more time with us.

How you can help

Anil More can undergo a liver transplant as soon as he gets a liver donor but he needs to have the funds ready for treatment. Our support will help this man who has been ensuring law and order for the last 20 years. His family will get back their pillar of strength. Contributions coming in through this campaign will be utilised for this liver transplant.
Supporting Document
The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, click on 'contact organiser' button on the fundraiser page.

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