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Her Only Dream Is To Be A Mother Again After Losing 2 Children

“After 2 of my children passed away 2 years ago, I decided I never wanted to try having children again, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to handle the pain once more if something went wrong. But I kept seeing other mothers with their healthy babies. Finally I thought to myself… ‘The universe wouldn’t be so cruel to put me through more pain.’ So I tried one last time. And everything went well; it was a normal pregnancy, a normal delivery, everything was fine for a month. But now Alisha too is in the hospital, her life hanging by a thread. I keep wondering… Is it really a sin to want to be a mother?” – Abida, eyes brimming with tears

Poor Abida’s daughter, Alisha, started getting seizures in July, at just 2 months old. The first time it happened, it had terrified Abida and her husband Saiful. By the time they got baby Alisha to a government hospital, she was also burning up. The doctors immediately gave her some medicines and an injection, then hospitalized her. After a week, as soon as she was stable, they sent her home saying they had done all they could do. But just a few days later, Alisha developed another fever, and the seizures started once again.

“We brought her to a bigger hospital, nearly 200km from our village. They did some tests, then they told us that she has a rare disease; that it can be treated, but she would have to stay in the PICU for another 2 weeks. Abida just looked at me like we had already lost Alisha as well. It… It just broke my heart. She knows we can’t afford it. It will cost ₹3,00,000. I’m just a tutor, I earn maybe ₹4,000 a month. And she’s a housewife. We have nothing to sell, and nobody to borrow from. I don’t know what to do. I just know, for Abida’s sake if nothing else, we cannot lose Alisha.” - Saiful, father

After identifying the disease that Alisha has, the doctors now suspect that Abida's first two children may have died from the same disease two years ago. Saiful and Abida had never understood what had happened or why when their two children passed away one after the other, and just accepted it as their fate at that time. The government doctors had been unable to help either. Now, however, in Alisha's case, the doctors know what the problem is, and how to treat it. All they need is two weeks. Two weeks, to save baby Alisha's life. But these parents can't afford it. 

Abida has almost given up all hope, crying from the moment she wakes up, to the moment she falls asleep. And Saiful is cursing himself every waking moment for not being able to financially support his family through this tragic time. You can help this family by donating as much as you can, and sharing their pain with your friends so they can help as well. 

You can help bring baby Alisha home.  

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team. 

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