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5-year-old Alisha Will Lose Her Life To Kidney Failure Without An Urgent Transplant

"We were supposed to be celebrating the birth of our first born, instead we were scared that we might never get to hold her again."

Alisha's mother, Sofia, recalls how Alisha was only 1-day-old when she had her first surgery. Since then, this 5-year-old has spent most of her days in the hospital. Diagnosed with a birth defect known as Diaphragmatic Hernia, Alisha has also been suffering from a severe Kidney Disorder. An immediate kidney transplant is her only chance to live. 

Alisha Has Not Experienced Life Beyond Hospital Walls

I can’t begin to explain what it felt like to hold my baby in my arms for the first time and be told that that she will have surgery the very next day. It was heartbreaking for my husband and me. We didn't know what to do. We didn't know what would happen to Alisha and if she would even live. We were so happy to hold her again after the surgery, but this has been her life ever since then." 

Alisha then had her next surgery when she was 6-months-old. The child has known no other reality since. This will be Alisha’s third surgery. Constantly moving in and out of hospitals, Alisha hasn’t experienced a healthy, happy childhood that most children enjoy. She is forced to be away from her school and friends due to her treatment. Her parents are crushed that they can’t do anything to give their child a better life.

Alisha with her mother Sofia.

“She’s only a child. She should be going to school, playing and learning new things now. Unfortunately, she can’t. It’s devastating to see your child in so much pain and feeling so helpless.”

Her Father Is Struggling To Pay For Increasing Medical Costs 

Alisha’s father, Faiz, works as an administrative staff in a small school in Hyderabad. He works hard to support his family. However, the medical costs over the past five years and the towering medical bills are making it hard for the family to get by. Sofia accompanies Alisha to the hospital, while their younger daughter Humaira, 2-years-old, is left with her grandparents. They borrowed from family members earlier, but the sum for the transplant is estimated to be Rs. 4.5 Lakhs, an amount out of their reach.

“We can’t keep asking them for money. They have their own families to run. This isn’t a small amount, and we don’t know how we’re going to pay for it anymore. We’re worried that if the transplant is not done in time, we might be at the risk of losing our daughter again.”

Alisha with her parents and sister.

Alisha’s Condition Is Serious And Transplant Is Urgent

Alisha is suffering from a severe kidney disorder called Renal Artery Stenosis, which is the narrowing of arteries that carry blood to the kidneys. This has made her extremely weak. Alisha has high BP and can’t eat or sleep well anymore. The high BP makes her angry and restless, and she cries all day in agonizing pain. She has been advised to undergo an immediate kidney transplant.  If not done at the earliest, Alisha’s condition will deteriorate beyond repair. The doctors have advised for the transplant to take place as early as next week. 

Alisha’s mother prays that they’ll be able to pay for her transplant and hopes that her daughter will soon have a chance at a normal childhood.

How You Can Help 

Alisha is suffering from a severe kidney disorder and needs to undergo an immediate kidney transplant. The surgery needs to be done as early as next week. Alisha’s father’s salary as an administrative staff in a school isn’t enough to pay for her treatment. Alisha needs our help to survive.

Your contributions will help Alisha finally see a life beyond the hospital.

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