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One Of These Twins Is Dying, And Their Parents Are Helpless

Have you ever lost a loved one?

Someone who meant the world to you, someone you’d fight the world for? It isn’t easy, recovering from tragedy. The road back to “normal” is long, and fraught with sorrow at every turn. And the worst are the reminders; tiny little things that make your mind go back to a happier time, but fill you with grief now. It could be a watch they used to wear, a chair they used to sit in, a song they used to sing. They make it so easy to lose yourself in the past, wrapped in pain, never moving on.

Now what if there was a person who looked, sounded, and acted, exactly like the one you lost?
Would you ever be able to look at them and not see a ghost? Not see a shadow of that familiar smile?
Would you embrace them? Or avoid them?

This is the unimaginable dilemma that this young couple – the parents of two beautiful twins – may have to face very soon. One of the twins, Adheem, is healthy, happy, and will grow to be a strong young boy. The other… is dying.

At just 6 months old, young Adam is battling a life-threatening liver disease. And his parents cannot save him.

“When I see the two of them side by side, I just… It's such a stark difference. Through Adheem, I am able to see what Adam is supposed to look like, how playful he’s supposed to be. It’s so painful I have to close my eyes.” – Fasna, mother

The only thing that can save Adam’s life at this point is a liver transplant. And although Jasim, his father, immediately nominated himself to be the donor, this family just cannot afford the actual surgery itself. All they can do instead is watch as one of their sons slowly withers away and the other blooms into a lifelong reminder of their anguish.

“The other day I was about to pick up Adheem but then I thought maybe I should spend my time with Adam instead, because… I just...
Do you know how it feels to have to make that kind of decision? To choose between my sons? I felt so horrible. So guilty. But I don’t show it, because I have to be strong for my family.
Every so often, when I catch my wife crying, I hold her and tell her not to be sad. That we will just love Adam with all of our being as long as he’s with us. And then we’ll let him go stay with god. I don’t let her know that my heart is breaking as well, that all I want is to be able to hold both my sons to my chest and never let go of either of them.” – Jasim

The doctors have given Adam two weeks to get the surgery. After that, it’ll be too late. Jasim is doing everything he can to save his son’s life but it’s not enough.

He needs your help, to save his family. Donate now.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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