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While Her Disabled Son Waits For Her At Home, This Mother Struggles To Save Her Youngest From Cancer

My eldest son has cerebral palsy - a congenital disorder that has affected his body movements and muscle coordination. He needs me for every little thing - he can’t even pour a glass of water on his own. My younger son, Abir is fighting blood cancer for the second time. While I am in Kolkata with Abir, my mind races back to my eldest at home. Abir's infection is under control and now is the best time for him to undergo the bone marrow transplant. It’s his only hope but we are left with nothing to afford the transplant. It feels like I am failing both my children. 

We thought it was just a tan but the test results came as a shock - Abir’s cancer was back

Few months before the Abir’s regular checkup in August, Ranabir and I noticed that his skin was turning a shade darker. We thought it was a tan because of the scorching sun outside - for the past two years he was living a normal life without any restrictions. He was going to school, tuition and even going out to play. But when the doctors did a test during his routine check up, they found out that it is a relapse.

9-year-old Abir had been diagnosed with Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia first in 2014. He is now fighting a relapse of this aggressive type of blood cancer in which there are too many immature blood-forming cells in the blood and bone marrow. They lead to a shortage of normal white and red blood cells and platelets in the body.  

While I am in Kolkata with Abir, my mind races back to both of them. My relatives have been kind enough to take care of them but I am always worried. I feel I am not doing enough for them, I have no savings to help my son go to college. All our savings have been used for Abir's treatment. Even then, I am in no condition to afford this life-saving transplant.

My husband was cheated in his business and had to shut it down

Ranabir used to rent out cars to holidaying tourists who went to the hills from Siliguri. He earned a decent income and was able to sustain his family well. 

But last time, in 2014, when we found out that Abir has cancer, we used up our savings and even sold the cars for his treatment. When we got better, we thought that now we can save again and get back to the good old days. But his cancer came back and now even after borrowing money, we can’t afford the transplant that would cost us 10 lakhs.  We have already spent 4 lakhs since August last year. There is no way that we can arrange for so much money, without help. 

My son feels that we won’t be able to save him - please help us

Abir is not a stranger to cancer. He sees patients dying in the beds next to him and one day he even told me , “Maa, if we can’t arrange for the money, I know I will die.” I feel helpless as I listen to my 9-year-old talk to me like that. He should be running around with his friends in the playground now, scoring the next goal, topping his class but here he is fighting a battle between life and death. He knows our financial condition and knows that we are living on borrowed money. He has lost all hope but we haven’t. Please help us save our son.

9-year-old Abir is fighting an aggressive form blood cancer for the second time. His parents have used up all their savings for his treatment, but they still can't afford his transplant. A generous contribution from your side can help these parents cure their son.

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