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Baby Harshini Has Just Learnt Speaking And What She Talks About Are Different Ways Her Body Hurts

Meet Harshini. She is a 2-year-old toddler who gave my husband Thirupathu and me a purpose in life. Terrible twos, they say. It is indeed terrible, not because she is a handful, but because of the pain she is in. "I'm hungry Ma! Please give me some food!" she cries loud every day. I feel helpless. Don't get me wrong. We can afford food, but anything my daughter eats, she vomits. No matter what we try to do, she is dying, either because she is not getting the food she needs, or because of her damaged liver.

Harshini would try to tell me in her own words, "My stomach is hugging Ma! It is tightly hugging!" She had stopped eating. One day, she took my hand and put it on her tummy. I felt it then. She was having terrible cramps. It was as if her stomach was choking. We live in a village. The local doctor said she needs vitamins. Every day she would take the colored capsules thinking it is Gems. "Why is Gems not sweet Ma?" she would ask. I'd say, "This is a special Gems. It will make you stronger."

I thought she was getting better, but she was not

In December last year, Harshini got a fever. At first, it seemed like a viral fever. Suddenly she stopped eating. Everything she ate, she vomited. Her stomach started swelling up and tightening. Thirupathi carried her and we just ran to the hospital. They said they have to take a piece of her liver to find out what is happening. I can still hear her cries. It is was like an operation and she was awake!

Harishini has a disease called Tyrosinemia or tyrosinaemia which is an error of metabolism. She was born with it, and as a result, her body cannot effectively break down the amino acid tyrosine. It builds up in her organ and tissues, eventually causing failure. Symptoms include liver and kidney disturbances and intellectual disability. Untreated, tyrosinemia can be fatal.

We had no idea Harshini could have this horrible disease. Harshini's bloated stomach is not letting her eat, sleep or even breathe without pain. We see other children her age play with each other and live their life without a care in the world. Then we see our Harshu, she can barely walk on her own with all that pain in her stomach.

I see my beautiful baby covered in itchy dry patches. She used to run around and jump. Now, she has become half the size she was a year ago, and has no strength to even sit up. "I want chocolate Ma! Please chocolate!" she cries everytime she wants to have something that is her favorite. But, it only makes things worse. She cannot eat anything.

Harshini is our first child. Just before she got sick, I got pregnant again. Now I'm terribly scared, this baby will also have a disease like Harshini. I am so terrified that I will lose Harshini too. Medicines to manage this disease cost at least 3 Lakhs a month. The only solution is a liver transplant.

We want Harshini to get better. We want to stop the pain but we cannot even pay for hospital admission. Thirupathi wants to give his whole liver if it can save Harshini. We are ready to die for her, but no matter what we do, only money can solve our problem. Money is something we do not have.

Harshini needs a new liver. There is no other choice. If she is not cured soon, she will die. With no food, and her body filled with toxins, our child is slowly succumbing to the disease. We have no means to save her, which is why we are pleading for your help.  

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