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6-year-old Hari Needs a Heart Surgery Before His Condition Become Worse But His Parents Cannot Afford the Treatment

6-year-old Hari Darshan has severe heart disease. Heart disease may have become common in the recent years, but the anguish, helplessness of his parents is always theirs to bear. Hari needs an urgent surgery to survive and live a normal life but his parents are unable to get him treatment. 

Hari's heart problem started with high fever and terrible leg pain

Natarajan and Uma Maheshwari with their children Priyadarshini and Hari lived a happy life in Vellore. They didn't have a lot of money, but they had learnt to live a life of dignity with what they had. But the family's happiness turned to sawdust when Hari developed heart disease.  A few months ago, it started with severe leg pain and fever. Medicines helped him only for a short span of time.

Hari then had breathing trouble and was found to have heart disease

Hari soon fell sick again and had breathing trouble. He was rushed to the hospital and was in the ICU for two weeks. His condition stabilised and he was sent home. But before even a week went by Hari became seriously sick. He complained of chest pain and became very weak. He was rushed to a hospital in Chennai. It was here that the family was told that Hari had two holes in his heart and he needs a surgery immediately.

Hari screams in pain and want to go back to home

Hari was excited to start class one and finally begin official school. But he was not able to even attend two whole months. Since he fell sick, he has only been visiting hospitals. Even now, he does not understand why he is in the hospital. He cries and asks his parents to take him back home. He is misses his sister, school and friends. At an age when he should have been playing and having fun, he is screaming in pain and fighting a terrible illness.

“Our poverty and helplessness seems to be killing him every day. I have no strength left to see him screaming in pain. We know that surgery is the only solution to help him but we can’t afford that. I have no one to ask for any more loans,” says Uma.

His parents are struggling to arrange money for his surgery

Natarajan works as a sales executive in a private company for a very modest salary. Hari is now at Chennai hospital with his mother while Natarajan is in Vellore with his daughter. He feels totally lost because he has already spent everything he had. They sold all their gold and valuables when Hari was in the ICU. He has nothing left for the surgery. 

“ I have never borrowed money, we managed to meet our needs within my meager income, but in this case, I have to swallow my pride and do whatever I can to save my child. None of us can imagine a life without him,” says Natarajan.

Hari needs surgery at the earliest to recover completely

How can you help

Natarajan has spent a lot of money for his treatment. He is struggling to meet the medical expenses. Hari’s medical bills are mounting every day. He urgently needs Rs 2 lakhs for the surgery. Unfortunately, he cannot afford the treatment and Hari is running out of time to undergo surgery. Only your contributions can save his life.

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