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Halima can now embroider in night and can produce twice as much work as before

When I met Halima, she had received her solar panel 1 and a half years ago, and her life had changed tremendously. I asked about the loan impact on her work. She answered that, as she can now embroider at night, she now produces twice as before and therefore doubled her daily income. I also asked about the impact on her younger son’s studies. He can now study every day from 6:30 pm to 9pm. It was too tiring for him to study with the kerosene lamp and he would generally fall asleep. When his mother obtained her loan, he had already set fire to his bed twice. She continues to buy kerosene from the government, but sells it to local shops, and thus enjoys a new small income. I finished the interview by inquiring about her mood. She declared she is now extremely happy and satisfied. Electricity was installed in her village less than 5 months ago but she keeps using her panel as she considers electricity is not reliable enough.

Halima in front of her house. On the left part of the roof, her solar panel.

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