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3-year-old Who Drank Paint Thinner Is Suffering From Multi-Organ Failure

2 days ago, he was jumping on his bed like a bouncy ball. I would give anything to see him do that instead of lying unconscious, struggling to stay alive in this hospital bed.

My 3-year-old son Gitvin Challa was playing just outside the house when I was painting our wall. He felt thirsty, and ran up to drink water. Paint thinner in a bottle looks like water. I took my eyes off him for a minute and he chugged the paint thinner. Now, he is in the ICU, with organs failing and airway affected. We are struggling to bring him back from the deep end.

He just wanted water, and it turned into a nightmare

Gitvin was looking for water. I never thought even in my wildest dreams that he would pick that bottle up and drink. He must have had 10-20ml. For a child, even that can destroy the insides. I immediately rushed him to the government hospital nearby. They said nothing can be done and moved us to a specialty hospital.

He was there for 10 hours in terrible pain. 10 hours he was conscious and screaming. After that, my son has not opened his eyes.

He has been shifted from hospital to hospital until he got worse

All this delay in treatment from shuttling between hospitals has taken a toll on him. We are glad to be at Child’s Trust. They were quick to analyze what is wrong and immediately started treating him. He needed to be on ECMO to support all his organs and oxygenate his blood as well. His kidneys were shutting down, but with constant care over the past two days, he is stable. He needs to be under observation for 2 more days.

Looking at him on this bed under so many tubes, wires, and machines, my heart just breaks. My son is fragile in front of these things. I just hope they can save his life.

Mother separated from her child during this difficult time

My wife is back in Nellore with our second child. We cannot bring an 11-month-old who is still breastfeeding to the hospital with so many germs. It was too risky. I can’t leave our baby girl with someone else. My wife is broken beyond words to have one of her children fighting for life without being by his side. My friends have been very supportive, but away from home in Chennai, alone with my son, it is very trying. 

I can’t help thinking of the horrible consequences and blaming myself for not being careful. Gitvin needs treatment until he can recover and get stronger. I need to bring him home.

How you can help

I’m a taxi driver on a government contract. I get Rs. 15000. So far, I have paid hospital bills amounting to Rs. 2.7 Lakhs and it will cost us Rs. 15-20 lakhs to get Gitvin through this. Please, help me save my little boy.

It would take a miracle in the form of your support to bring my son back home, healthy and safe.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.