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After 14 Years Of Pain, This Boy Asks For Help To Fix His Heart

My name is Ganesh. I am from Tirunelveli. I study in 8th standard. I have a lot of friends. I love to play but every time I run to the playground with them, I have chest pain, I fall down and the world goes black. I have a heart problem.

Appa says I had heart problem from birth. I did not know. They told me it was a fever. I remember feeling like I had a butterfly or bird inside my chest. It beats fast. I thought everyone felt like that. Whenever I run, play or feel scared, I feel like the room is going round and round. I fall, and I want to sleep. Nowadays it is happening a lot. I love cricket. I don't want my friends to leave me and play. So I go with them but suddenly when everything goes black and I wake up, I cannot move or do things normally for two days.

I asked Appa to tell me what is happening because I was scared. He said it is called congenital heart disease. I have a hole in the heart. When I was born, he took me to a government hospital in Tirunelveli, TATA hospital in Kerala, Amruta Hospital and still found no cure. Some doctors saw that he was just a welder working for a daily wage. They thought he could not afford surgery and sent him away. One hospital said that a surgery can be done only after I am 15 years old. I was very thin.

I am still very thin. Amma keeps forcing me to eat. I cannot eat much. Even if I do, I do not get fat. I get very tired every day, even if I walk or talk. I cannot study as much as my friends. If I get tensed, I feel dizzy. I sometimes feel like quitting school. I wish I was normal. My friends do not know I am sick. If they did, they would avoid me. I want to be like them - healthy and happy.
I have a sister, Bhavani. She is in 6th standard. She is not like me. She does not have any disease. I am happy that she has a normal life. When I get a fever or when I keep sleeping, she comes and plays with me. She tells me everything is going to be ok.

Sometimes my parents do not let me go out of the house. These days I have not seen my friends. I feel sad about it. There was a medical camp. In the checkup, they said that a surgery can cure my heart.
I do not have to be like this anymore if my heart is fixed. This chest pain, tiredness, everything will go away. I can be normal. My father and mother do not have to struggle and take care of me. I wish I can get that surgery.

It costs Rs. 2 Lakhs. Appa gets only Rs. 300/day. I do not know how much he can save. One packet Bingo is Rs. 10. One soap is Rs. 20. Like this, most of our money goes to food, school fees, and other things. My father can never afford Rs. 2 Lakhs.
That camp doctor said people will help. I need your help. I want to be healthy. I want to study, play, grow up, go to work and be there for my family. Would you please help me get this surgery?

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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