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Gandhamani feels secure and hygienic now

I went to Rakkampatty in the hope of meeting with Vanathayi, the leader of one of the many Joint Liability Groups in this area, formed by GUARDIAN, Milaap's partner, for the purpose of funding the construction of toilets. Sine Vanathayi was unavailable, I met Gandhamani, a member of the group. Gandhamani and her husband are both daily wage laborers. They have two children, one is in college, pursuing a degree in engineering, the other still goes to school. Gandhamani and her family used to visit the nearby fields, about a kilometer away, everyday to relieve themselves. Even though they wanted to build a toilet for themselves, they couldn't afford to put together a lump-sum amount. Worried about the continued exposure to various infections and diseases and the waste of time and energy involved in traveling, even at odd hours, Gandhamani decided to approach GUARDIAN when she heard that they offer loans to build toilets. Now that the toilet is built and she is efficiently paying off the monthly installments, the entire family is enjoying their newly found privacy. Gandhamani feels secure and hygienic now.