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This Father's Battle To Save A Girl-Child Is Incredible. He Needs Your Support To Save His Baby Daughter.

It was a year ago, that baby Fathima was diagnosed with a Kidney Tumour, for the first time.

She was only a couple of months old, when she had to undergo the first surgery to remove a kidney. The treatment went on for 7 months. Her parents Yarab Pasha and Shazia Begum were confronted with such a medical emergency for the first time. Before this, Fathima had been a happy, healthy baby who never even fell sick.

Fathima's father is a farmer. He also drives an auto part-time to make some additional income.

Despite this he makes around 5-6000 per month. It is within this money that he has been handling all medical expenses so far, alongside his 6-year-old daughter Rifath's education. After the first surgery, things started getting a little better, but when the symptoms returned, the previous hospital did not have enough facilities to provide treatment to baby Fathima.

Her father takes her to a hospital 90 km away from the village thrice a month to ensure she gets the best treatment.

Narayana Hrudayala is 90 km away from their village of Kaiwara. Yarab brings Fatima here every ten days to ensure she gets the best care.  Despite his financial condition and the need for money, he takes out the time to take her down to the hospital and do all the tests required.

He has done all he could, and is left with nothing more.

Yarab has sold his farmland and auto, and has mortgaged his house to save his little one.  He is now helpless and in terrible need of funds.

"My little daughter used to be such a happy baby. She cries so much during her chemo. She does not sleep for days at a stretch and keeps crying. It's been a year since I saw her even eat well. It is the worst thing to have to see your baby suffer this way." Yarab speaks in tears.

The cost of the entire procedure is estimated at 13 lakh. You could help a father save his daughter.

Click here to save baby Fatima.