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Helpless Parents Seek Support To Save 2-Month-old Baby Born With Bladder Outside

3-month-old Yesu feels insufferable pain and discomfort all day long and he is prone to so many infections that might claim his life. His young parents, Durga and Nagaraju are battling hard to keep their son alive.

3-month-old baby born with bladder outside his body

Durga is a 20-year-old mother of two and her husband, Nagaraju, is just 22-years-old. This young couple has been through a lot, trying to save their son. They are illiterate, young and did not have anyone to advice or support them. When their second son, Yesu was born with strange additional growth, Durga and Nagaraju did not realize it will be a major medical issue until the medical investigation showed the seriousness of the condition.

They have been in shock ever since. Yesu has a congenital birth defect called exstrophy of the bladder. His bladder is outside the body and he needs a surgery to correct this condition without which he will contract serious infections.

Yesu has always been weak and crying. He hasn’t gained much weight since he was born. He’s always prone to infections and has a slight fever constantly because of that. We took him to the doctor for this which is when they told us that the red area above his genitals is actually his urinary bladder, and it is outside his body.

The family cannot save him with what they have

The condition could be fatal. Nagaraju works as a farm help and his income is not enough to cover the expenses of travel to the hospital. With every passing moment, every fever, Yesu's life is in danger.  
For someone who makes just Rs 4000 a month, this treatment is way out of reach. The first surgery is going to cost them Rs 4 lakhs and there is no way Nagaraju can arrange that money.

One side his mother is dying and the other side his newborn baby

Adding to their miseries, Nagaraju’s mother is now battling for her life in the final stage of Tuberculosis. Nagaraju has to manage the expenses of both these treatments along with providing for his family. He is unable to be with his child.

"My mother in law can’t make it through because she’s past the stage where she can be treated and nursed back to health.

Durga with her father

Nagaraj cannot manage the expenses of traveling to meet his son. He has to try and save whatever he can. So, while he stays near his mother, Durga and her parents attend to the baby.

"Every visit to the hospital is a costly affair, and we’re not able to afford it. Then there is food, and other household expenses to take care of."

They were refused treatment and support

Seeing Yesu’s condition is, a lot of hospitals backed away from treating him. The only way for him to survive is by getting some surgeries done. Finally they found a team ready to treat baby Yesu.

In order to treat this little boy, 3-4 reconstructive surgeries are needed, along with an intensive post-operation care. The first surgery needs to happen urgently so that his infections don’t turn fatal.

Durga’s eyes well up every time she tries to talk about her son

How you can help

We cannot imagine the pain of Durga. She is helpless and does not know who or how her baby will get help. 3-month-old baby Yesu is too young to bear this pain. If we help this family now, we can save their son's life. This fundraiser campaign is created to support the baby's surgeries.
Your contribution will help the family out of this misery.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this campaign have been verified with the concerned hospital. For more details, please contact the campaign organizer or the hospital.

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