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14-year-old Diwakar Doesn't Know He Has Cancer And May Lose His Life If He Is Not Treated

Baskar, Sangeetha and their two children Diwakar (14) and Lokeshwaran (9) used to be a happy family. The parents' biggest hope was to give their children the best life that they could. Unfortunately, they lost the luxury of planning for the future. Now their only wish in life is to save the life of their older son Diwakar from cancer.

Diwakar became too weak, scan reports confirmed he has cancer

Diwakar is studying in class 8. He has always been an active, intelligent boy. Suddenly, he became too weak to even eat. His fatigue surprised everyone. They thought it might be because of fever, but even after the fever was gone, he remained tired. The fever came and went. Out of the blue, Diwakar was diagnosed with cancer. His mother fainted on hearing it and still struggling to come to terms with it.

Diwakar has very high-risk Leukemia (blood cancer) and he needs aggressive chemotherapy. He needs to continue treatment for 3 more years which means he will be far from home, school, family and friends for 3 long years. From now on all he will experience for three more years will be injections, pain and trauma.

Diwakar needs chemotherapy for next 3 years

"He doesn't know that he has cancer. We have told him he has an infection and he'll be back to home in few days. I don't know how I'll keep up the pretense for 3 long years. Each passing minute is a trauma. He is alone in the ICU now, we are not allowed to stay there. I can't imagine the physical and mental trauma he is going through." - Sangeetha

Diwakar is worried that he is missing his classes. He doesn't understand why he is at the hospital. Even the nurse and doctors give him hope that if he takes the medicines regularly he can be back home soon. It is still uncertain how his little body will react to the aggressive chemotherapy for his cancer.

Baskar is heartbroken but pretends to be strong to give hope to his family

Baskar has been under a lot of stress since the diagnosis. He has been running from pillar to post to arrange for the money. He is heartbroken but forces himself to be normal to give strength to Diwakar. He has no other option but to be strong and console everyone.  

"I can't share my fears and emotions with anyone. This is the time where I should stand beside my son and wife. I can't let them down. I do cry sometimes, but only when I am alone. I don't know how I'm going to manage this. I work day and night for three meals. How can I afford the treatment? I can't imagine losing my son just because I don't have enough money." - Baskar

Baskar is the sole breadwinner of his family

Baskar has to support his family of four and his elderly parents. He is the sole breadwinner and has nothing left to sell. All the family's savings are gone. Baskar and Sangeetha are desperate to save Diwakar at any cost. They are willing to do anything. They are aware of the risk, uncertainty, pain and compromises ahead of them but they are determined to save their son.

Diwakar's parents cannot afford the treatment

How you can help

Baskar works for a small private company and his income was barely enough even before Diwakar's illness. He cannot afford to take any leave because his family runs on his salary. He has borrowed Rs 1 lakh so far from his family and friends. He needs Rs 15 more lakhs to save his son. Even if he works the whole year, he cannot earn enough. Only your contributions can save their Diwakar.

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