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20 Days Is All Dharini Has To Get A Liver Transplant That Can Keep Her Alive

Our only child is fighting for her life from when she was 6 months old. Now, we are struggling to keep her alive. 

For 7 years now, Dharini's liver has been dying. Every day she has been taking medicines which are not the cure but just like a rope that keep her tied to life. Now her condition has turned critical and Dharini's only chance for survival is a liver transplant.
My name is Harish. I'm an LIC agent from Ahmedabad. My wife Vanita and I were overjoyed when our daughter was born 7 years ago. She was all we ever dreamed of. She was perfect. 6 months passed and suddenly things took a turn. She began to fall sick frequently. She looked jaundiced, and the doctor diagnosed her with jaundice. Although she was treated, we could never figure out what the root cause was.

At 1, Dharini had a biopsy that confirmed that she had a liver disease. Ever since she has been on medication. At 2, they ran another biopsy. Her liver was deteriorating rapidly. At this time, she was having trouble with digestion. The condition began affecting other organs. The doctor told us that Dharini would need a liver transplant. However, we got differing opinions, and we stuck to medical management.
As the years went by, her symptoms also worsened. Like I said, the medicines are only keeping the disease at bay. Eventually, the disease began to challenge her will. Dharini is going to school, but every few days she is sent home because she has a fever. She loves playing with her friends. She loves school. She is cheerful and active, but when her stomach hurts, our child completely curls up on the bed unable to move.

She is unable to do the things she loves because the organ that keeps us all alive is taking her life. In fact, right now, Dharini's condition has worsened. She is unable to eat properly or digest food. She has frequent diarrhea and it tires her throughout the day. My daughter was in 2nd standard, and she had to drop out because her battle against this disease just took over the rest of her life.
So far, we have spent over Rs. 5 lakhs on her treatment this year. Her stomach bloats up, she needs hospitalization, her metabolism is off balance. She has to go to the bathroom over 3 times if she eats something. Dharini is now anemic. Her condition is more critical than ever. She needs a transplant in 20 days or...

My wife is a match to donate a liver, but we cannot afford the transplant which costs around Rs. 22 Lakhs including pre-op evaluation and post-op charges. I make around Rs. 10,000/month. With my savings, help from friends and relatives, and a personal loan, I was able to pool in the Rs. 5 Lakhs for her treatment so far. Now, I am able to afford only Rs. 4 Lakhs and need help for Rs. 18 Lakhs.
We cannot proceed with the surgery unless we have the money and my daughter needs this surgery at the earliest. Time is ticking and she is racing to survive.

Please help me save Dharini.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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