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This 3-year-old's Father Works For 12 Hours In A Forest, So He Could Get Rs.200 To Save His Daughter

3-year-old Dhaksadha was diagnosed with Red Cell Aplasia when she was just 1 year old. Her parents have been struggling to raise funds for her treatment. Her father earns less than Rs. 200 a day. He needs to spend Rs.5000 for just one blood transfusion. Her last blood transfusion did not take place because the parents didn't have money. This has put Dhaksadha is a critical situation.

This Father Works In The Forest For 12 Hours, To Earn 200 Rupees That Will Save HIs Daughter

Karthik's day starts at 6 am. After walking for over an hour, he reaches the forest. Throughout the next 12 hours, he will do small jobs of picking up firewood, collecting the coconuts. After his  job is done, another tiring walk through the dark forest. His wife, NandaKumari, stays awake till Karthik reaches home. Her anxious heart takes a relief when she sees her husband's face emerge from the darkness.

When their only daughter, Dhaksadha, was born their lives were complete. But when they realised of her illness, this couple were shattered. Every month, Karthik saves his daily wages for his daughter's blood transfusion, the only treatment that is keeping her child alive.

She Is Surviving On Blood Transfusions Since The Last One Year

Dhaksadha has been on blood transfusions since the last one year. She is undergoing treatment at Meenakshi Mission Hospital, Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Doctors have recommended that she undergoes a bone marrow transplant which will help her recover and stay alive. Unfortunately, she does not have a matching sibling or parent to be the donor. The search is on for an unrelated fully matched donor. But the expenses for the transplant is 20 lakhs and for a family struggling to arrange money for a single blood transfusion. this amount is unimaginable.

How You Can Help

This little girl as barely started speaking but she had to undergo painful blood transfusion for over a year. With our support, her misery can be ended and she can be back to her parents fully recovered. Funds raised will be utilized for her bone marrow transplantation.

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