Despite her ill health, Lalrinhlui continues working with a | Milaap

Despite her ill health, Lalrinhlui continues working with a smile.

After meeting a few borrowers at Thuampui in Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram, I headed towards Lalrinhlui's house. It started to get a little cloudy on my way there. It usually starts raining in the afternoon here in Aizawl so you always have to be prepared. When I reached Lalrinhlui's house she was playing cards with her neighbours. She was a very warm lady and nice to talk to.

After introducing myself we immediately got down to work. I learnt that Lalrinhlui, who belongs to Lalrinhlui Group, had taken an enterprise loan from Milaap to purchase more inventory for her piggery, poultry and garment business. She is a 50-year-old mother of 3 adult sons who are all working. Recently she had two major operations and she suffers from depression, thyroid and high blood pressure problems and is currently going under treatment. Due to her ill health, she has not been able to start off with her secondhand garment business. However, she bought 21 chicks worth Rs. 55 each and a piglet worth Rs 6000, and is using the remaining to raise them.  Her husband who is a government sepoy pensioner gets Rs. 20,500 every month. For the past three months she has been repaying the loan entirely on her own.

The other members of her group are Lalremtluangi, Seni, Lalrimtuii, and Lalzamliani who are engaged in the poultry, piggery, and vegetable vending business. Together, this group of hardworking women had taken an enterprise loan of Rs. 75,000 which has been supporting them with their respective businesses. They are confident that they will be able to repay the entire loan on their own and on time. They thank Milaap for the support and for giving them this opportunity to empower them and be independent.

Lalrinhlui and her poultry.