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Denied education, she made sure her children graduated college

Rural Chandkheda is full of inspiring tales of women entrepreneurs; they have carved a niche for themselves with their hard work and perseverance. What makes them so driven? The answer to this question stands true for the majority of them. They themselves couldn’t go to school. They were deprived of education. But they strongly don’t want this to be the case with their children. Their tales of strength always end up baffling and motivating me.
It was a Monday afternoon, and I was visiting the Chandkheda branch of Prayas. I was accompanied by their staff member Ms. Bhavini, and we were heading to check on the progress of Rajesh Mahila Mandal, a Joint Liability Group, led by Geetaben. They had had been provided with funds by Milaap’s community of lenders to grow their respective microenterprises. As Geetaben was too occupied with work that day, I met Subhadraben, one of the other group members, instead.
Subhadraben welcomed us with a warm smile. She was busy sewing a garment when I stepped inside her house. But that didn’t stop her from divulging into the details of her business and how the loan from Milaap had impacted her life. There was something about this woman that was strikingly remarkable. She saw a dream. And she achieved it. All her four children not only completed their schooling. But she made sure that they even successfully completed their graduation in the fields that they were really interested in. The pride in her eyes was very apparent as she spoke about her children.
Subhadraben has been running her sewing business for 10 years now. After successfully completing her course in tailoring, she started this microbusiness, which not only helped her in sustaining her family, but has also helped her in opening savings accounts for all her children. Her husband, an electrician, has always been very supportive. With the Milaap loan, she was able to buy a lot of raw materials in bulk.
Now, depending on whether it is an off season or not, Subhadraben earns anywhere between Rs. 6,000- 7,000. This is quite amazing as it is almost twice her earlier income. Subhadraben could bring her dreams to fruition because of lenders like you.

Subhadraben at her home