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This 19-year-old Has Not Been Allowed To Walk All His Life For The Fear That It Will Stop His Heart

“We have lost count of how much we spent on treatment. As long as we can't save him, whatever we spend will not be enough,” says Deepak's mother Manju.

Deepak is a 19-year-old heart patient from Jharkhand. He has a defective heart valve might take his life. An open-heart surgery is the only thing that can make him better. He is his parents only child and they have spent everything they had on his treatment. They have nothing left to now to save him.

 Deepak is in Bangalore with his parents for treatment

Heart disease has always help Deepak back till now

Deepak has grown up in a village near Dumka, Jharkhand. All his life, he has wanted to do more, but heart disease and his parents' burning anxiety about his health always held him back. Deepak has not been allowed to walk, play or go out with his friends for fear of his health.

“From as far back as I can remember, my parents have been worried about me. I used to feel like I had no freedom. But now I am getting so weak, that even if they let me go out, I would not be able to do that. Even now, I need to lean on mother to walk a distance,” Deepak says.

Deepak, put all his energy into studying because it was the one thing he realized he was good at. Even in that, he has not been able to meet his own aspirations. His health has forced him to go to a college near his house, instead of a better one in the town.

Deepak hopes that getting treatment will finally allow him to dedicate himself to his own education and make something of himself. He is studying Economics now with the hope that he will be able to join the banking sector. All this hard work and dreams will be for nothing if he gets no treatment.

Deepak is the light of his parents' life – their reason for living

Only 5 days after birth, Deepak developed pneumonia – a deadly infection in his lungs that aggravated his heart condition. His worried parents took him to the hospital and had to admit him to save his life. Since then, Deepak has needed to visit the hospital regularly for checkups. At 12, he even underwent a surgery, but it was not enough.

His parents have worked day and night to fund his treatment. Deepak's father Shibu works as an attendant in a local bank and his salary is modest. Both parents have always put Deepak's medical needs first with whatever income came home. Now, they need help.

Deepak with Manju a few months back

“He is our only child. We may live in a small mud shack, but all we have ever wanted – from the day he was born was to get him better and give him a happy life. We stay awake at nights worried about our young son becoming weaker – coughing because of regular infections,” says Manju.

How you can help

Deepak's parents have made a lot of sacrifices all their lives to make sure that their only child got the best treatment. Unfortunately, this has taken a toll on them over the years and they have nothing left to pay for Deepak's second operation that promises to finally make him better again.

Your contribution is their only hope and would help to save Deepak.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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