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Case Study - Crowdfunding Education On Milaap

Crowdfunding is a great platform to raise funds for a personal cause like education. Many people approach Milaap to fund their tuition fees, books, private coaching, examination, fellowship, special training and more. One of the most successful campaigns and a great example of crowdfunding education is Assist-To-Continue-Studies set up by Nadeem Akram.

Nadim Akram, a 19-year-old MCA student at the New Horizon College in Bangalore was a brilliant guy. He scored 9.81 CGPA in his second semester and secured the topmost position in his class. However, being a son of a vegetable vendor, he found it extremely difficult to pay his college fees. 

What was Nadeem's predicament

Nadeem was determined to land up with a job immediately after college so as to lessen his father's burden. However, his failure to pay the college fees of Rs. 34,890 took a heavy toll on him. The strict college authorities debarred him from being a part of the placement drive unless he cleared his remaining fees. 
He felt helpless and lost hope. It was on 19th December 2016 when he reached out to out Milaap and set up a campaign to fundraise for his cause. However, having 10 days in hand to settle the fees, he was extremely worried.

How the campaign raised funds

When Nadeem tried hard to raise money using his own circle of friends and family, time was running out and he was far from reaching his goal. He requested Milaap for additional help, and the crowdfunding platform engaged its donors online by promoting the campaign on Facebook and Twitter to help Nadeem meet his deadline. The result was exhilarating. Milaap raised Rs. 37,790 from 7 supporters within 2 days relieving Nadeem of his anxiety.

"It feels great to inform all of you especially to my donors that I have been fortunate to raise the entire amount of 35K within a span of 3 days, this was possible only because of your gratitude", said Nadeem.

What drove this campaign towards success

Nadeem's cause a single focus and would have delivered immediate results when the goal was fulfilled. He created a heartfelt narrative and constantly updated donors on the status of his campaign created a sense of trust in the organization’s ability to carry a plan from start to finish. 
The social media campaign combined with personal thank you note to each donor helped reach the goal in a short time. 

Everybody needs help sometimes, and there is always someone across the world ready to lend a hand. Pick your cause and start crowdfunding now on Milaap.
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