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Painting and sculptor are very archaic forms

The concept of time is often caught up in cliches and non sequitur. But it doesn’t have to be, as shown by the work of the artist.

Our art, our literature and our language define us. They make us who we are.
Change is the law of nature but when it comes at the cost of our art, the society instead of progressing moves backwards.

This is the story about a sculptor and painter, an artist named Yashraj. He is a resident of Konour village.

He is self-employed, working for his family by sculpting different varieties of idols and sculptures.
He learned the art of sculpting different sculptures from his father and forefathers and joined the sculpting business with him when he grew up.

He has been working in this field for twenty-five years and now is a father of four children. He lives in a small house and has his own workplace in the yard where he makes all his sculptures and keeps them safe.

He feels blessed to continue the hierarchy of sculptor painting which has been in his family since ages. And personally, he is more interested in promoting his art by making different sculptors which are very unique and unusual than normal art.

As he works mainly in an unorganized sector, faces a lot of problems such as paucity of professional infrastructure like storage sheds, shipping facilities.

All these problems can be solved with the help of money and that would ultimately come from the increased sales of his work which will happen only when he becomes successful in making people attracted towards his handmade sculptures.

Recalling his childhood memories his heart feels heavy but never makes him feel sad about his profession as he grew up watching the art of sculpture painting and he feels that it was the only thing which he has learned and loved and could do with utmost perfection and dedication.  

The only thing which changed since then was their situation, financial stability and this all happened due to lack of interest of people in the sculpture making work and not valuing it like before.

He daily works hard to carve his imagination into a sculpture and also art is not as easy as holding up a mirror to show the reality but a hammer with which to shape it. Portraying a form of power in even it's the simplest form.

He invests mainly in making the idols of deities of all sizes and variations as in a country like India festivals are beyond prayers it's like a big celebration with a lot of people and beliefs.

He earns a good amount of money through it and gets work during the festival times.

He also looks forward to making his children well educated and learn the art of sculpting different varieties of statues, learns patience and how art enables us to find and lift ourselves through the most difficult times.
But he is often left with this question that the changing culture and thoughts of people affect the present generation a lot so is this change necessary?  Why can't the young generation understand the importance of old, authentic things?

Our present generation is hardly aware of the golden era.  It is only a matter of time when we completely lose our grip on art to modernization. Why is this happening?

Maybe someday in this ever-changing world, someone would care so much to uplift the old, golden art and there would be no concerned artists like Yashraj who merely want their culture and art to be valued which it deserves.