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Chennai floods: 5 ways we can help

Chennai is seeing one of the worst rains and floods in over a 100 years. The city has come to a standstill with thousands stranded, awaiting help and basic amenities. 

Nevertheless this event has brought all of us around the world together, rallying for a greater cause. We have put together a simple list that all of us can follow, irrespective of where we live.

1. Facebook's Safety Check – Know a friend or colleague who is safe? Please mark them safe on Facebook. This might sound trivial, but goes a long way in assuring thousands of people around the world trying to reach their near and dear ones in vain, with little connectivity.

2. Verify helpline numbers and submit it to crowdsourced database: Many of us have been sharing posts on Facebook and Twitter with rescue needs, shelters available and volunteers efforts. We request you to verify them and add it here to and use it when you see a need.

3. Calling and going beyond sharing: Saw someone who tweeted for help? Check (or other resources), coordinate with the nearest volunteer/resource available over phone before you reply to those in need. Check before you share.

4. Donate materials: Here's a list of materials sought by Goonj and drop-off locations. Do email us if you know of similar initiatives.

5. Make a monetary contribution: towards the relief and rehabilitation efforts here on . Want to get your friends and colleagues involved? Start a a fundraising campaign.

A portion has gone towards immediate relief (food/ medicine) while majority of funds will be used for long term rehabilitation efforts once the rains recede. The city will try to settle into its daily routine, only to find that parts of it have been washed away. This will likely take a few weeks from now to assess and implement with our on-ground partners. No fees will be charged by Milaap for this initiative. Every dollar / rupee donated will only be accounted for and you'll receive updates from time to time

Click here to learn more about how you can support the Chennai flood relief efforts. 

 Cheque or cash pickups are also available for those residing in India. 

Tough times never last, but tough people do.

-Team Milaap