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This Farmer Will Lose His Daughter To Cancer If He Cannot Arrange For Her Stem Cell Transplant

"I have no money left to even feed my children, how am I going to pay for her treatment? I have approached my relatives but they have turned me down. I had given up hope for my daughter’s recovery thinking it to be some punishment for some unknown sin I have committed."

It took Shivanna 2 years to realize his daughter is suffering from an aggressive form of cancer. He can see his daughter dying in front of my eyes but with no money in hand, he can in no way save Chandrika.

Life has become an endless struggle for the family to save Chandrika

13-year-old Chandrika had a normal life like any other normal village girl. She was good in studies and helped her mother with household work as well. Two years back she had a boil on her leg, the local doctors asked them to get it removed and they followed the instruction. She was fine for more than a year, until recently when she got another boil on her hand. This time they took her to a separate hospital where the doctor doubted it to be cancer. They referred her to Bangalore where it was confirmed that Chandrika has Recurrent Ewing’s Sarcoma. It is one of the rarest and cruel forms of cancer. From then on life has become an endless struggle for the family.

Chandrika thinks it’s a fever and she will go back home very soon

Chandrika’s father Shivanna is a farmer in a small village in Ballary. When he realized his daughter is suffering from cancer his only concern was his daughter’s future. He thought of not letting anyone in the village know about her disease. They almost ran away from the village and are staying in Bangalore for the last 6 months.Chandrika has gone through 5 rounds of chemotherapy, she has lost all her hair.Now she feels very weak and can hardly move around. Shivanna has not told Chandrika about cancer. She knows that she is ill and will be fine very soon.

We would die of hunger if our house owner would not help us with food

Shivanna used to earn a Rs. 300 per day which is also stopped from the last six months. His savings are already exhausted in rent and Chandrika’s treatment till now. Seeing their financial condition, the owner has come forward with free food and very minimal rent for them.

“We were scared to disclose the news of cancer in our village thinking that it will ruin my daughter’s future but now we have no resource to save her life.”
Seeing their helplessness the hospital suggested them to go ahead with crowdfunding.The person who was once not comfortable disclosing his daughter’s disease to the village is begging to the world for his daughter’s life.

I just want my daughter to live. I don’t care of anything else now. What will I do thinking of her future if I cannot save her now.
The only way to save her is to continue her high-dose chemotherapy followed by Stem Cell Transplant. The cost of it is Rs10 Lakhs. He can never arrange for such a humongous amount of money without your kind help.

How You Can Help

Chandrika will die if her treatment is discontinued. She is fighting against the most aggressive form of cancer and has no hope to live without your support. Your contribution will help give her a cancer-free life.
 The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organiser or the medical team.

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