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This 3-Year-Old Was Abandoned By His Father Due To His Blood Disease. His Grandfather Seeks Your Help To Save Him

Venkatesh is a daily wage worker. His life revolves around his daughter, Sriswapna and his grandchildren. He earns enough to feed them. Swapna's husband who was a close relative was very friendly with Venkatesh and others in the family but his true form came to light when SriChakri, Sriswapna's 3-year-old son, was diagnosed with Thalassemia, a life-threatening blood disorder when he was just 2 months old. 
He abandoned Swapna and the baby. He visits them only when he fears relatives and neighbors will complain or take action. Venkatesh has been the sole supporter and has managed to keep SriChakri alive till now. He is 3 years old now and his doctors have recommended a cure for his condition but the financial struggle might cost this 3-year-old's life if not treated now when he has a good chance of recovery.

This 3-Year-Old Has Been On Blood Transfusions Since He Was 2 Months Old

When SriChakri was diagnosed with Thalassemia, the immediate treatment to be given was a blood transfusion. Since he was too small to recommend any alternate procedures, he continued on blood transfusions till he turned 3 years old. Blood transfusions come with its own complications which surfaces after years of taking in new blood. The permanent cure to save him is a bone marrow transplant. Fortunately,he has a fully matched sibling who will be the donor for the transplant. Venkatesh was happy to know that there is a cure for his grandson who has been suffering all his life. He started saving money, but little did he know that this complex procedure would cost more than what a small daily wage worker could imagine.
The cost of the transplant is 15 lakhs. This amount looks impossible to this helpless family

His Father Refused To Help Him

SriChakri's father has refused to help him. Even after repeated requests by Venkatesh, he did not budge and has abandoned the family. "Sometimes I wonder how he gets sleep after abandoning by daughter and grandson. SriChakri is his own blood. He has no heart. My daughter has suffered a lot and now he is allowing his son walk towards death" 

How We Can Help SriChakri

Srichakri can recover if he undergoes a bone marrow transplant before it's too late. With no one left to seek help, this poor family is struggling. Our support will save them and give this 3-year-old his life back. Funds raised will go towards covering his bone marrow transplant.
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