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Help Neelima keep her husband alive

27 year old Neelima was married off a year back to Chakradhar, who is 34 years old. They lived in rural Andhra Pradesh for a while. The newly married couple started their life with high hopes and beautiful dreams like any other couple. It had just been 3 months through their marriage when Chakradhar was diagnosed with a kidney failure. This came as a great shock to both of them and their families. Many of Neelima's close friends and relatives even advised her to leave Chakradhar. 

"But that's not what marriage is about, right? It is a promise to be together not only in good times, but also in difficult times. I cannot leave him. He needs me the most now, and I will be with him," Neelima's determination and love for her husband, speaks out louder than her tears.

How it started:

Chakradhar had started having problems of taste and nausea since the past one year. He consulted doctors in Andhra Pradesh who prescribed medicines for the same. It was much later, when the problem became worse, that he consulted another doctor who doubted him to have renal failure and advised him to meet a Nephrologist. He then took a neighbour's suggestion and consulted doctor in Mallya Hospital. He came down to Bangalore in the month of April 2016 and consulted doctor in Mallya Hospital where he was diagnosed to have renal failure and was advised renal transplant.

The Current Medical Condition:

On 21.4.16 he came to MHB and consulted Dr. Ravi Shankar who also advised renal transplant at the earliest. Hence after cross matching his parent’s kidney, his mother’s kidney matched well and the transplant was done on 8.9.16 and now he has been advised Renal PTCA + Stent as his blood vessels near the kidney are found to be narrow and a stent has to be implanted to avoid further complications. 

The approximate cost of the surgery is Rs. 1, 38,250.

Why you should help them:

While Neelima is a home-maker, Chakradhar works as a clerk in a bank. The job pays him 20-25000 a month. With this limited income, and a family of four, including his parents, Chakradar and Neelima have already spent over 10 lakhs on his treatment and medication. They had had to borrow most of that money from friends and relatives. Your help could help Neelima keep her husband alive. 

A small step on your end could help this couple walk many miles of their life together.
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