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Buying a One Way Ticket

thumb_IMG_0058_1024 Travel. Google it and the 3,28,00,00,000 search results mean different things to different people. Vacation. Passion. Job. Dream. When I landed in Kolkata on 9th January for my fellowship, I was quite happy with feeling lost. Realizing I had an entire city to fill up my tin box with souvenirs. Standing at the Arrivals, I remember taking a minute to soak it all in. People walked passed me. Few with Lonely planet in hand and few others with The Telegraph.It's been 5 months today, I am as lost I was back then. I have not seen Victoria Memorial yet nor the Howrah bridge. Neither have I ticked off things to do from the Lonely Planet. I am yet to see the sunrise from Kalighat or witness the larger than life Eden Gardens. But I do have my own version of this city.thumb_IMG_0033_1024My version of this city has the wooden windows with brick-red walls.thumb_IMG_0041_1024When random by lanes with bright yellow walls could not disturb the busy thoughts of the people passing by it.thumb_IMG_0021_1024A happy cycle wallah waves at you and randomly gives you directions to a must try chai shop at the end of the lane.Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetWhen a lane so small makes way for a rather fat yellow taxi. Keeping up with their no refusal policythumb_IMG_0026_1024When you see letter boxes for Dr. Lim Chap Yunthumb_IMG_0060_1024When you cannot read anything of the board yet figure out it's a store of something precious from the number of locks on the grill.thumb_IMG_0018_1024Then you walk past a Handsome’s parlour and wonder the usage of apostrophe there.thumb_IMG_0036_1024Maybe travel is just about soaking in sights that come your way. Be it city’s must see places or quiet dingy lanes. Maybe its about buying a one way ticket. Hopping on to a bus and then asking where it goes. Maybe its about being lost to find yourself again.Travel. Because there is only so much you know about yourself until the next experience comes your way.