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Boy with a different vision

Almost none of the people in the city ever dream of becoming a farmer. Because farming is considered as a job which doesn't have much dignity to it. The ones who become farmer are mostly due to family pressure and the need for an extra hand. Such is the condition in a village called South Goshaihat in Dhupguri District.

Children whose parents work as farmers tend to give up school usually before completing it, but Subhankar was not one of them. He had a different vision. He himself wanted to do something in farming but only by having a good education in the field of agriculture. He believes that there are lots of improvement to be made on the farm where his father works. And he wants his siblings also to continue with their studies.

Everyone may not have the same opportunity to study like Subhankar since the need varies family to family. Subhankar's mother Bharati took the loan so that she can ensure her children have an uninterrupted education. Also, a vegetable vendor owns the little land where he grows the vegetables and the returns from it helped them to sustain the family of five. But private tuition was putting an extra burden on it.

subhankar A Proud mother with Shubhankar.

I managed to spend some time with Subhankar, which I don't get with all the children for whom the loan is taken as they go to school. Their mother usually gives all the information that is required. Crowdfunding platform Milaap is helping people to raise funds for the personal and social cause. But the perception of things differs between the mother and the child. And I prefer talking to the children to get as honest and first person answers.

Such visions are rare to find and if other children whose parents work in the agriculture sector share the same vision, the scenario in Dhupguri would become much better.