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Blood Cancer Crowdfunding on Milaap

Between 1986 and 2007, an average of 45 transplants was carried out each year at CMC Vellore, according to Dr. Mammen Chandy, who headed its Department of Hematology for two decades. The number rose to 100 transplants and is now touching about 200 transplants each year.

Now, the global cancer death numbers have reached 8.8 million, out of which, India has unfortunately managed to retain its position as the largest contributor with the number of cancer deaths rising to 2.2 million per year.

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is devastating emotionally. Treatment costs, in addition to other related expenses, can be a huge burden for both patients and their loved ones. Milaap's online fundraiser platform (over 2 million monthly traffic) makes it faster and easier than ever to help cancer patients.
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Barriers for Cancer Treatment

  • Quality treatments are costly and for the same reason it is not an option for vast majority of the population
  • Survivors and families of cancer patients suffer from a large medical debt due to recurring medical expenses.

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Intuitive sharing tools make it easy for you to raise money for medical bills. These easy to use tools and Milaap's audience (over 2.4 million views a month) increase the chances of your fundraiser going viral. Simply share your story and watch it grow.  
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