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15-Year-Old Who Is Losing His Eyesight Due To Cancer Will Die Without Urgent Treatment

"The moment he wakes up he cries out loudly in trembling voice that he is unable to see properly. When I reach out to him he pushes me away in fear, it deeply hurts me that the disease had consumed him so much that he is unable to recognize me. When he finally recognises me, he holds me tightly and cries inconsolably and exhausts all his energy for the day. With a faint voice he says, 'amma, I cannot bear this pain anymore, please take me home and please don't let me die here'. It is unbearable to watch him go through this agonizing pain." - Gouri, Sekhar's mother.

Cancer has crushed the happiness of this family for the second time

Venkataraju and Gauri were happy to see their young son attending the school again after he fought for his life with blood cancer. But their happiness was short lived. One day, Sekhar suddenly had a bad headache and his eyesight was deteriorating. The worried parents rushed him to the hospital. After a couple of tests, they told that their son's cancer has relapsed and it is affecting his eyesight.

"When they told us that my child's life is at risk again, we were shocked. We never thought this would happen to him again. For three long years, my husband and I battled along with our son against the fatal disease. It wasn't easy for us. We worked day and night and sometimes took 2 jobs in a day because it was the only way to make sure to travel for our son's treatment at the end of the month. But all the struggle and hard work have gone in vain. Life's misery seems like never-ending." - Gouri.

Chemotherapy will save Sekhar but parents cannot afford the treatment

Sekhar is suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), cancer that develops a large number of white blood cells in the body. He immediately needs intense chemotherapy treatment. They managed to start the treatment but they cannot afford to continue it for the next 6 months without which he may never be able to survive.

"He often holds his head with his two hands and closes his eyes tightly in pain. He cries out loudly calling 'amma' and it is very overwhelming for me. I don't know how to console him. I weep along with him in helplessness. It is a torment to see him lying on the bed in exhaustion and I cannot imagine the horrible pain that he is going through. They have told us that there are good chances of complete recovery but we are unable to bear the expenses." - Gouri.

The family is left homeless in the struggle for the treatment

Venkataraju and Gauri are daily wage laborers who struggle to earn Rs 200 each. Despite extreme poverty, they have never compromised on their child's education and got admission for him in an English medium school. They have always aspired for their only son to have a good future unlike them. When their son was diagnosed with this fatal disease, they spent all their savings and have exhausted whatever little they had.

"We knocked on every door we knew and with the money we collected, we were able to start the treatment. We have already spent 2.5 lakhs, and there was no money even to buy medicines. We sold the only house we had and are now left with nothing. The treatment costs 10 lakhs and which is beyond my means, even if I work day and night I cannot earn that much money." - Gauri.

How You Can Help

15-year-old Sekhar is suffering from a severe form of blood cancer. Chemotherapy is the only treatment that can help him survive with complete recovery. But the poor parents have done everything they could do and now have nothing left to afford the expensive treatment that can save their only son's life.

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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