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This 4-month-old baby needs help fighting a rare life-threatening condition

Mehatha Devi and her husband Karthick had a baby on February 5, but the baby had severe rashes. Investigations revealed that he had the rare Chronic Granulomatous Disease. It is a condition where the body has very low immunity and is vulnerable to dangerous infections. The only cure for the baby is a bone-marrow transplant (BMT). His parents cannot afford the treatment and need urgent financial help saving their baby.

The birth of their child was a much awaited occasion in the family

Born six years after their marriage, the birth of the baby was an occasion of great joy for Karthick and Mehatha. But the new parents were shocked to see that their baby had angry rashes all over his body. The doctors ran tests and started the baby on antibiotics because the rash was the result of an infection. 

Karthick and Mehetha with their baby who has been discharged after spending months in the hospital

Only 20 days into the treatment, the baby developed another infection – despite the strong dose of antibiotics that he was already taking. The doctors were now alarmed and conducted more tests to see how this happened. 

The baby was finally diagnosed with Chronic Granulomatous Disease. This is a rare condition where the body is unable to defend itself against infections. Especially for newborn children normal infections become more virulent and can be life-threatening. 

Mehatha is waiting for her baby to get better so they can name him

The baby needs to be started on a long-term antibiotics treatment. But in most cases, even that doesn't help. This illness can be so severe that the baby may not make it beyond the first 10 years of his life due to chronic, recurring infections.

The news hit Karthick and Mehatha very hard. Their baby was too small to face an illness this grave. In just 4 months, they have spent over 6 lakhs in trying to help their baby survive infections that are normal for adults but deadly for a baby. 

They have not yet named the baby so the name may not bring ill-fortune

Karthick and Mehatha have put off naming their baby till its eighth month, so that no unlucky name hurts the baby's chances of getting better. The birth of their first child is when new parents begin dreaming of a good life for the child. But the couple is in the difficult position of preparing for the worst. 

A bone-marrow transplant is this couple's last hope for their child. But it is a procedure that will cost Rs 25 lakhs. With a meagre salary of only Rs8,000 per month, Karthick has already depleted his savings and taken loans to continue treatment for the baby. 

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The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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