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Baby Boy Born After 20 Years Of Marriage Is Now Struggling To Survive

"I understand hospitals have rules but these rules keep me from holding my newborn son - a son I have waited to see and hold for 20 years."

Sujatha and Adinath couldn't believe it when they got pregnant. In 20 years of marriage, they were without child. They had nearly given up when this news brightened up their lives. One month before the due date, Sujatha's BP shot up and their baby had to be delivered prematurely. Now he is fighting for his life in the NICU while his parents are struggling to save him.

God gave them a miracle for a child and they are afraid he will slip away

Their life was bound in monotony. When after years of trying, they couldn't have a child, Adinath and Sujatha retreated into their shell. They had to bear the mockery from family, friends and even strangers in the village. Adinath toiled all the long to care for his parents and wife.

"When we got pregnant, we couldn't even express our joy. I began saving up for our child. It was unexpected, this premature delivery. She had high BP and the doctor said there was no other choice. They immediately took him to the NICU. Since then, it has been a nightmare."

20 years they did not get to hold a baby, it is no different now

The baby boy came into this world too soon. Sujata's age and his early birth combined have taken a toll on his body. He is underweight, unable to breathe on his own, and even has sepsis. What's more, this little one is not even able to absorb nutrients from his mother's milk.

Braving this new world with two surgeries, and a third one waiting around the corner 

Unfortunately, baby boy Chaudari has required two Exploratory Laparotomy surgeries in the little time he has been in this world.  His intestines are not absorbing nutrients due to which he is not gaining weight. The doctors are trying their best to help him survive.

"He is our life now, not bigger than our hand. Watching him in pain is just unimaginable. Yet, there is nothing much I can do except trust his doctors to get him better. God has given him to us. I expect God to show us a way to take him home."

How you can help

Adinath has managed to save around Rs. 1.5 Lakhs for this baby, but the expenses for his recovery shoot well beyond Rs. 10 Lakhs. His elderly parents depend on him, and there is nobody else to help him come up with these funds.

Your support will help this couple keep their 20-year-old dream alive. This dream is a premature born baby boy fighting to survive.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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