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Barber Who Has Not Held His Infant Daughter Even Once Appeals For Her Life

" I'm not allowed to touch her. I have not held her even once in the past month. I leave for work early in the morning, not even a minute passes without thinking of her. I work as much as I can and I beg to everyone I know to save my baby. I dream of holding her in my hands and taking her to my home but there are days I return with empty hands and look at her with unfathomable guilt. I fear of losing her even before I could touch her" -  Bhaskaran.

Sowjanya started bleeding profusely during her 7th-month pregnancy

Sowjanya and Bhaskaran were excited about the arrival of their baby but little did they know that their baby would come much early than they expected. During her 7th month pregnancy, she had unbearable pain, her BP shot up and she started bleeding.

"Her condition was so critical that many hospitals refused to take her in because they did not have a NICU for the baby. I knew Cloudnine could help. The hospital was so far away from home, but we took an auto anyway. She was still bleeding when we got there. They said she needs to deliver immediately and took her for a C-section." - Bhaskaran

" I felt like all my bones were getting crushed inside. I had to clutch my belly when the bleeding started. It felt as though my baby will die if I take my hands away. I thought we were dying. Only when I heard her cries, I came back to my life. Even before I could see her face, she was taken to NICU." - Sowjanya.

Baby girl is extremely low weight, weighing only 1 kilo

Sowjanya's baby girl weighed only 1 kg when she was born. It has been 27 days since she was born, still, she is in the ICU fighting for her life. The little baby has breathing trouble and she is feeding on tubes. Sowjanya stays in the hospital the whole day to give milk to the baby and she returns at the night to her home despite the fact that she has not recovered from her surgery.

The doctor said that our baby will recover well without any deficits. She needs NICU for 4 weeks more. I begged the doctor to help us somehow with the bills. They have given us a discount, waived some fees, and still it feels like I'm behind. I have emptied my saving of Rs. 2.5 Lakhs and borrowed Rs. 1 lakh from friends. It is not enough.- Bhaskaran

Bhaskaran works as a barber in a local salon. People who know of his financial situation refuse to help as he cannot repay. His relatives have not visited the baby even once fearing he will ask for money.

"The only way I can take my daughter home, alive, is if she gets this treatment. If I cannot pay, then I am failing her. - Bhaskaran

How can you help

Bhaskaran and Sowjanya are stuck in a terrible dilemma right now. They need Rs. 10 Lakhs to give their baby the best care available. She is improving every day, and within a month, will be healthy enough to go home. However, they are now stuck with everyone they care about refusing to lend a hand. They appeal for your help.

Your contribution can give Sowjanya's baby a chance to live her life!

Supporting Document

 The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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