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Romana's New-Born Baby Is Battling Death To Help Her Have Her Only Chance At Motherhood

"This is our first baby, and our only chance at parenthood, but how cruel can fate get! We cannot even hold our new-born in our arms to our heart's content. I feel an urge sometimes to carry my baby, to be able to rock him to sleep, to watch him smile, or have his tiny fingers wrapped around mine. I cannot afford even the thought of losing him," Ruhul still hopes it's a bad dream and he would wake up soon to a life that is better.

When life was more promising

In 2016, Ruhul and Romana, a newly-wed couple from Bangladesh, were still working hard to settle into their new word and fill it with the little joys they could afford. In his limited 3000 taka income, Ruhul was also ensuring Romana was going to college in order to complete her education. It was at this time that the news of Romana's pregnancy promised to fill their life with more happiness than they could imagine.

However, things changed when Romana started experiencing complications in the second month of her pregnancy. 

This was their first child, and both of them got very worried. Rushing from one doctor to another, in hopes of understanding the issue, the couple lost a few months. It was in the 6th month that a doctor in a renowned hospital in Dhaka detected the real problem.

Romana had a serious heart condition.

In order to save the baby and the mother, they were immediately asked to shift to a hospital in India,with proper facilities to aid the same.
Without wasting any more time, Ruhul took a month's unpaid leave from his work at the textile factory, sold his only asset-- a piece of land that gave him money worth 1.5 Lakh Indian Rupees.
With this money, he came to India and and got Romana admitted in Narayana Hrudayalaya. The baby was delivered premature, so that Romana's treatment could be started as well.

A new threat

Although the baby survived, the condition being fragile, the baby was immediately shifted to the NICU and given respiratory support. The baby needs to be kept in the NICU for 4-6 weeks. The estimated cost of the treatment is around 7 lakh.
Romana's heart treatment is being taken care of by the hospital for the time being, but the baby needs your support to survive.
The ray of hope
This is Ruhul and Romana's last chance to have their baby. Romana cannot give birth again. Thus, the couple is helplessly and desperately looking for one chance to save the little one.
Your support could keep this baby alive. Click here to save Romana's baby.

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