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3 Attempts, 2 Babies Lost, Help A Mother Save Her Last Baby Girl

2 months ago, Revathy gave birth to two premature babies – a girl and a boy. They should be celebrating like any other family. Unfortunately, Revathy’s babies were born at 26 weeks and barely survived. In fact, she lost the boy in 3 days. The baby girl is still in the ICU fighting through to make it in this big world.

We have lost 2 babies already

38 years old, Revathy tried for 17 years to have a child with Ganesh. The couple has longed for a child and attempted IVF three times. They failed the first time. The lost the baby at the 5th month the second time. This time, their hearts broke when Revathy delivered at 26 weeks. The twins weighed 700gms. Their lungs were underdeveloped among other issues. Unable to breathe, the baby boy passed away.

“All we have ever wanted was to have a child. We waited for years because we could not afford any treatment. I am 38. It was now or never. So, people in the family pitched in money to help us have a baby. And I am still struggling to complete this family.”

This is our last chance at having a family

Ganesh works as a priest in a temple making around Rs. 15000/month. On his salary, he would never have been able to afford IVF, so family and friends joined together to help the couple have a child. Revathy and Ganesh have not been answering their phones or talking to people for months because of the grief. Even now, they are holding their breath, praying for God to spare their baby girl and let them bring her home.

“This was our last attempt to have a child. We could never afford it, that’s a different issue. My uterus is very weak. I will not be able to have another baby. If she does not survive, our dream of having a child, dies with her.

We have run out of all resources to save our baby girl

A lot of people have supported the family these past three years, and especially since the twins were born. Now, the family has run out of funds and they do not know how to continue treatment to save their baby girl.

“We have spent over Rs. 8 lakhs. We have sold every bit of jewelry in the house, and everything that could be sold. My brothers have helped with some money, and we have exhausted all avenues. Now, although we are ready to do anything to keep her alive, we have hit a dead end. We still need Rs. 3.25 lakhs for the treatment.”

How can you help

Revathy and Ganesh were made to be parents. They just did not have a child in their lives. This is a dream that remains to be fulfilled. Their baby girl is getting stronger. Revathy is now allowed to hold her baby for the first time.

All they need is your help to bring this little one home – healthy and safe.

Supporting Documents

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.