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Rashmi's Extremely Premature Born Son Has Been Fighting To Survive In The ICU For 6 Months

Rashmi and Akshay are a sweet couple who fought their families and overcame several obstacles to get married. Life was great and they were getting ready to welcome their first bundle of joy until fate turned their lives upside down. A baby boy was born, at only 24 weeks. Extremely premature, he is struggling with severe health problems and is still fighting to survive in the ICU.

Rashmi's baby at the ICU

Rashmi's baby has not known a single day away from the medical equipments at the NICU in Rainbow Hospital. His life depends on the ventilator and heavy medication. Rashmi and Akshay take turns in looking after him at the hospital.

Chinnu is always in unbearable pain and agony

They fondly call their baby, Chinnu. He was born with a very low birth weight, just over 750 gms. Not just that, at just 6 months from birth, he is also fighting a lot of other health complications, due to which he’s constantly on oxygen. Three months into his new life, he underwent a laparotomy - a procedure done to put the protruding intestines back into the body. 

Baby smiles through the pain in his sleep

Chinnu is often breathless and crying from discomfort and sickness. He constantly suffers from cold, cough and low-grade fevers. Although he’s conscious, his life is as far from normalcy as imaginable. Rashmi is heartbroken that she cannot even breastfeed her own child since he constantly needs ventilator support and nasal feeding.

Akshay and Rashmi

Their resources have completely dried up and without help, they cannot bring him home

Rashmi is a homemaker while Akshay used to work in a company for a meager pay of 12,000. After Chinnu’s birth, he had to resign to take care of his baby and Rashmi. So, unfortunately, just when they need money the most, their family income is zero. In the past 6 months, they have spent close to Rs 30 lakhs for the treatment of their son. Owing to their decision to get married to each other, they don’t receive any financial help whatsoever from either side of the family.

Finances are draining out fast, not letting the couple sleep in peace even for a night

In order to fund Chinnu’s treatment, Akshay disposed of whatever little property he had and Rashmi did the same with all her gold. But as luck would have it, even that money ran out before Chinnu could be out of danger. Now with no money and an ailing child, life has become their worst nightmare.

How you can help

Rashmi and Akshay have been each other’s backbones on this journey so far, but they have very little to look forward to in this bleak situation. Only further treatment can save his life and that will cost up to Rs 8 lakhs. Chinnu's life so far has been riddled with pain.

With your contribution, Akshay and Rashmi can save their baby boy and bring him home.

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