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This Mother Is Struggling Emotionally, Physically and Financially To Save Her 25-day-old Baby Boy

9 days old, a baby boy born in a village began to have trouble breathing and began to cry incessantly. Unable to understand what was making her baby cry, Ramya moved from clinics to hospitals from the village to Mysore and then to Bangalore, only to find out that her infant had a critical cardiac condition which could have killed him without medical intervention at the right moment. Now, this baby boy (25 days old) is on a ventilator in the NICU recovering from multi-organ infection after a heart surgery, and the mother struggling mentally, physically and financially to save her firstborn.

What happened to Baby of Ramya?

“It was a normal delivery. My sister lives in a village, and there we do not have advanced technology at the clinics. She had a scan during her pregnancy, and they did not detect anything abnormal. Everything seemed fine for the first few days until he started crying. Back in the village, we do not have any good hospitals, so Ramya took him to a hospital in Mysore. The doctor thought it could be a cardiac problem, and told her that he had trouble breathing. They said it is better to come to Bangalore and get him hospitalized."
"We went to several hospitals in Bangalore, and finally at Jayadeva he had a surgery to place a stent in his heart. They said he had Aorta with PPHN (Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension in a Newborn where the fetal circulation fails to transition into normal circulation), and Hypokalemia (low potassium level) with severe sepsis. After the surgery, the doctor told us that the baby had a lung infection that turned into a multi-organ infection. They tried to treat him as much as possible, but they were not able to control it. My nephew was moved to a hospital with a NICU to stabilize the infection, and then again he needs a major heart surgery.”

How is the mother managing this?

“He is her first born. I could not shield her from whatever was happening to him, so she knew everything. She could not handle it. I stay very far from the hospital and she lives with me. She just delivered a baby. You can imagine what the travel and strain would do to her body. She was so physically exhausted that her platelets went down, and she had to be hospitalized. She has been extremely depressed too because of her baby’s condition. She could only see him for the first few days until she collapsed. They suspected that she has dengue. She was only discharged yesterday, and is in no state to talk to anyone.”

How is the baby now?

“Doctors say that we have to put him through another surgery in three months to fix his cardiac condition. He is on a ventilator even now though he is recovering from the infections. It pains me to think this little one is going through such a huge ordeal. I visit every day and stay with him for a while."
"He keeps his eyes closed all the time, except for when I say Ramya. The minute he hears anyone say Ramya or Baby of Ramya he opens his eyes to look around. I guess he has associated himself with the name as they have always referred to him by that right from birth. I feel like he is looking for his mother.”

What is the financial condition of the family?

“Ramya’s husband is a vegetable merchant. He sells vegetables from the farmers in the village markets. He doesn’t earn more than 600 rupees in a week. More than that, he had some misunderstanding with Ramya, so he doesn’t support her much. He came to see the baby during the first few days. He saw the bill and went back to the village. Now I’ve managed to convince him so he comes and visits the baby at least once a week.
People in the village are not financially strong, and so they cannot support Ramya through heavy medical expenses. I managed to contribute as much as I could, and now even I have run out of my savings. She’s my sister, he is my nephew, and I feel helpless right now.”

How can we help?

Vidya, the baby’s maternal aunt has managed to contribute Rs. 1,85,000 to cover previous bills. So far, the family still have Rs. 4,47,773 pending dues and might need further Rs. 2 to 3 lakhs depending on the day to day condition of the baby. This baby might need about two to three weeks care in the hospital until he recovers from this terrible ordeal.

Your support can help both Ramya and her little baby boy pull through one of the most difficult times of their life.

Donate here to save Baby of Ramya.

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