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This 1-Month-Old Baby Who Has Extra Acid In Her Body And A Heart Disease Needs Urgent Help To Survive

“She’s just a month old and she has needles all over her body and pipes on her mouth. We never imagined that our first baby would be fighting for her life already. It’s so heartbreaking because she can’t even breathe without the ventilator and has been in the ICU for 3 weeks.” – Somesh, the baby’s father.

Pratibha’s baby girl was rushed to ICU within 3 days of birth

Somesh and Pratibha’s excitement to begin their new journey as parents were torn apart when their baby girl developed a never-ending fever and severe breathing issues within just 3 days of birth. The 1-month-old girl has been suffering from sepsis, which is a severe bacterial infection which could kill her if left untreated. She has been in the ICU for around 3 weeks. She is supported by the ventilator and many of her vital organs, like her heart are functioning abnormally too. She also has a deadly metabolic disorder because there is a dangerous amount of acid in the girl’s body.

“Apart from the fever and breathing problems, she would also get some sort of fits. Her eyes would be completely open but they roll all the way up and they were completely white. Seeing this on a newborn just frightened me so much. We just held her for 3 days and it felt like she was taken away from us. Pratibha couldn’t even travel to the hospital and see for the first few weeks because the baby was delivered through a C-section and Pratibha was so weak.” – Somesh.

Pratibha’s 1-month-old girl can’t live without the ventilator

The 1-month-old has been battling for her life in the ICU for 3 weeks. Her condition is so bad that she needs daily treatment and oxygen support for an additional 3 weeks. She has chances of recovering but she needs to remain in the ICU. Her parents, who are farmers from rural Maharashtra, can’t even afford a day’s treatment because of poverty and they feel so helpless.

After seeing the baby for the first time, Pratibha fainted. She was shattered and couldn’t stop crying. She has been so depressed. Hyderabad is more than 500 kilometers away and I spent around Rs. 30,000 just on the ambulance ride to the hospital. I don’t want to lose her. This is such a difficult time, and I don’t even know how to help my child anymore.” – Somesh.

Somesh wants to see his baby girl breathe but he’s running out of time

Somesh works as a farmer in rural Maharashtra. He earns Rs. 150/day and there are several days where he doesn’t end up earning anything.

“Just within the first 3 days, the bill was already Rs. 1 lakh. We barely earn Rs. 4500 in a month but each day in the ICU costs us over Rs. 30,000. Until now, I’ve borrowed over Rs. 2 lakhs. I exhausted all my savings and all the hard-earned money of my parents which they have saved since years, which was around Rs. 3 lakhs combined. Now, we don’t have a single rupee to give. I just want to see her breathe normally and hold her in my arms again.” – Somesh.

How you can help

To keep his 1-month-old daughter alive until now, Somesh has spent over Rs. 5 lakhs. His baby girl’s only hope of survival lies in remaining in the ICU for 3 more weeks and receiving additional life-saving treatment. Somesh has nothing left and desperately needs around Rs. 10 lakhs to save his baby girl. He, simply, cannot do this without your help.

Your support will save the 1-month-old baby of Pratibha and ensure that she is able to breathe again.

Supporting Document

The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. For any clarification on the treatment or associated costs, contact the campaign organizer or the medical team.

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